Room With a Past | January 2014 Sale

California Roll Sushi Japanese Food | DuctTapeAndDenim.comThe January sale at Room With a Past starts Thursday night so Jordann and I went to set up our shelf yesterday.  We started off at a local Japanese restaurant for lunch with some friends.  Not my favorite but it was a fun experience.

The photos below are just some highlights from our shelf and around the shop.

Hope you enjoy them and if you are local come by and see the shop.  I’ll be working Saturday morning from 9:00 – 1:00.

Handmade Red Velvet Bracelet Display |

I made a bracelet display from a piece of red velvet.

Painted Jewelry Box Handmade Bracelets |

This was Jordann’s favorite jewelry box. It’s great to display bracelets in and the I AM LOVED bracelet is my favorite this month.

Turquoise Painted Jewelry Box |

This is my favorite jewelry box this month. Of course… my favorite color. And I love the hearts on the front.

LOVE Sign Handmade Jewelry |

Love is the theme in the shop this month!

Vintage Lipstick Holder Handmade Earrings |

I found this vintage lipstick holder last week. We’ve had a lot of these in the shop lately. Just right for holding my earrings.

Hand Painted Furniture |

There’s always lots of creatively painted furniture in the shop. This is just one example.

2014 Goals & What to do When You’re Stuck in a Blizzard

Google Maps | Durham, Ontario, Canada |

So, we’re still in Ontario, but we’ve been hard at work discussing what our goals for the blog will be for 2014. At the top of our list- we want to post a lot more! We’ve decided on seven broad topics to cover, and some monthly and weekly posts! We want to have some guest bloggers, and we want to be guest bloggers. We will be focusing a lot on making graphics to go with our posts and taking better pictures so that our media content is better, and we can be more Pinterest-friendly. We will be highlighting our products still, but will also be reviewing things that we like to use, or want, in our daily lives, as well as, blogging about our homes, food, and projects.

Snow Walk while stuck in Ontario |

We are currently working on updating our blog. We desperately need a new theme that suits our needs AND fits our aesthetic, so we’ve upgraded to a self-hosted account, and are waiting for that to go through so we can make things happen! So, that is part of our plan for the new year in the blogging world. And, for those of you interested in what we’re doing in our 12 Day Trip to Ontario, Canada, here is a preview:

Stuck in a Blizzard in Ontario |

I had bangs for about a year and a half, but I had been letting them grow out since summer because I got bored with my hair, but I realized how much I missed them and how much more put together I looked when I had bangs. So, voila, short, retro bangs while in my giant snow parka.

I cut my hair |

We’re enjoying time with our family members (Mark, Lauren, and baby Leo), but I think we’re all ready to go back to 65°F California and get out of this crazy snow weather and way-below-freezing temperatures. It’s time for one or two layers of clothes and sandals;)

xoxo JT

How to Declutter Your Home

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How to Declutter Your Home | #organize #organizationThese are some ideas I had been pondering over for a while and using as a checklist to organize my room and begin to really define my style in my college apartment. I was really inspired by William Morris’ quote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” I began to go through my things, especially clothing and accessories, and get rid of all the junk in my life that just stresses me out and complicates my life by taking up so much space and creating a mess, and I was left with the things that really matter and I use on a daily or weekly basis.

How to Declutter Your Home | #organize #organizationMy desk tends to be a high-traffic zone that holds what ever I’m currently working on until I get around to finishing it. I haven’t gotten around to making or buying a real curtain or rod yet, so I’m trying to keep out the cold with this Mexican blanket (thank you Goodwill). I scored those awesome lamps for $12 together! (you guessed it, Goodwill). I use the wooden cigar box to hold small office supplies like tacks and post-its that I need more often, but don’t want to see because my desk doesn’t have drawers (the basic Ikea one), and the rest of my office supplies are in an Ikea storage unit in my bathroom. I love candles, incense, and just things smelling nice, so I tend to collect scents and have a lot on hand and burn them daily. Walmart has 40 incense sticks for $1, and that giant sized coral candle is only $5. I have a lot of the little strawberry baskets to hold all my random junk like candy and cards.

How to Declutter Your Home | #organize #organization

I have a lot of art and things that I’ve made or just find pretty, so I still have some paintings and posters laying around in corners because I simply have no more wall space right now to put up my own work, but I want to put them up when I eventually move to a bigger space. I tend to rotate things about when I get bored, so there’s a cycle to my visual inspiration. I am using my easel as decor and storage to hold my completed paintings, and I made the wall art / jewelry holder out of driftwood that I picked up along the shore of the Carquinez Strait in downtown Benicia. My friends thought I was crazy for shoving them in my purse and continuing on our shopping excursion, but I had a plan for them!

How to Declutter Your Home | #organize #organization

This is my drop-off zone. It’s where my keys and jewelry end up landing, so I wanted to make sure there was a tray to catch the small things, and an empty corner to put the contents of my pockets when I get home. This is also an accumulation of things that I just find pretty and inspiring to look at. It makes my room feel brighter, and I can easily add whatever else I find pretty to my clip board or mood board. The box is made from California Redwood, and it holds all of my sewing kit supplies, minus the thread which is in the drawers of my Singer.

How to Declutter Your Home | #organize #organizationI really love old things. You can see it everywhere in my room. I especially love old books and furniture. I scored that antique Singer sewing machine for $25 on Craigslist!!! It makes the perfect little entertainment center for me by distracting from all the techy things that would otherwise just look junky and cluttered. I captured all of my memories from high school by putting up my best friends’ and family members’ pictures onto the large mood board. It keeps them all together without me having to have about 20 frames somewhere in my room or commit to making a scrapbook.  I just recently hung up the California map to get it out from under my bed, and I’m thinking it will become an art project soon. It needs some embellishments;)

How to Declutter Your Home | #organize #organization

Ugh. My closet is still a mess, but I like the direction it is going in. I recently cleaned it out right before I came home over break, so it looks better than this. I moved all the summer and spring clothes into the hall closet, so I only have cold weather clothes out. I love having my scarf collection visible because they’re so pretty, and it makes it easier to grab one to go with what I’m wearing. I had my mom pick up the vintage fruit basket from her shop to hold my hats, gloves, and random art stuff like string and washi tape. I use the vintage train cases on the top shelf to hold my painting supplies, sewing and knitting supplies, and sketching supplies. That dresser was my big project in the summer. ($50 from Goodwill). It used to be the cream and gold color that most of these 1960’s French style furniture were in, but it was really banged up, dirty, and scratched, so I sanded it down and painted it with ONE sample of Pantone Emerald Green which was about $3 from Lowes; plus the cost of sandpaper and a brush. Overall, a really cheap DIY for the size of project and the results I got. I left the hardware the same for a pop of contrast and a vintage touch. I still need to do a protective coating, but it’s my favorite project I’ve done so far. I  used some old, beat up frames my mom found and cut out cork to make those jewelry displays. I can’t put necklaces in boxes or drawers because the knots drive me crazy, and I’m more likely to wear things if I see them.

I realized after I left Chico that I forgot to take a picture of my bed and nightstand. (oopsies) I didn’t want to make my bed and clean up all my medicines from being sick for two weeks. It’s not that fabulous over there anyways, haha. I did, however, finally set up my record player.

I’m looking forward to doing more updates and organization to make my small room more of a home:)
xoxo JT

12DOC | On the seventh day of Christmas…

12DOC | Twelve Days Of Christmas |

Generosity is something that I had been focusing on this last semester. I’m in college, so I don’t have very much to give to people in the area of money, so I’ve been trying to give my time, attention, and the items that I am blessed to have. I had a hard time moving away from home and being protective over things that I was in the mindset of being MINE. Call it the “youngest” syndrome, but my boyfriend, Jonathan, would call me out on it because I was being selfish in being really protective over things that I had. A lot of what I was protective over was really not worth getting upset over or feeling like it was a huge sacrifice to share. He’s helped me develop a mindset with him of “what’s mine is yours,” and it really does help in our relationship alone to have me be fine with him borrowing things and for us to be able to share a food budget and eat meals together which really helps us both save some money. I really enjoy eating with him as it gives us more of a family feel while we’re away for school. Although, it gets difficult living in different houses to go back and forth.

I’ve also been focusing on simplifying my life and getting rid of all the stuff that I don’t need or use. I want to make sure that I am being intentional with giving things to people who could actually use it. If no one I know can benefit from what I have, then I will take it to a non-profit thrift store (NOT Goodwill). I tend to hoard a lot of things because they’re nice, and I don’t just want to throw them out or donate them, so it also helps me be more okay with letting go of these things by giving them to people that I care about and seeing how much they appreciate and get out of them. I tend to collect a lot of purses, and they’re all perfectly good, but I have no reason to have so many purses that take up so much space that I don’t even get around to using.

Something I still struggle with is giving people rides because I can barely afford my own gas, and the driving around really takes a toll on that budget, but I know that I’m blessed to even have a car and the ability to drive to events and church and the store when others cannot. Jonathan has also showed me, through his own life, in how to live more like the young church in Acts. They would share their food and clothes and homes with each other, and its something that I’m looking forward to developing further in my life. He lives in a house with four other guys from our church and they have dedicated their house to our college ministry and opened it up to events and to anyone who needs to get away from their roommates.

I’ve been trying to be more intentional about my giving and my time and money. I want to make sure I am being generous out of my own heart and not giving out of guilt or because I feel like its expected of me. I want to make sure that I am giving where God wants me to, and giving in a way that does hurt my budget, and I feel sacrificial so that I am forced to trust in God to be okay later on and make my generosity be a practice of thanksgiving to God. It is true that giving really does enrich your own life, but don’t let that be your motivation for giving.

xoxo JT

vintage nos rhinestone drop earrings jewelry etsyvintage nos rhinestone drop earrings jewelry etsy 2

We have TWO $12.00 items to add to the Twelve Days of Christmas sale today (because we’re generous).  Visit my Etsy shop to see the long vintage rhinestone earrings, the shorter rhinestone earrings, or many other $12.00 items!

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12DOC | On the sixth Day of Christmas…

12DOC | Twelve Days Of Christmas |

Welcome to the SIXTH Day of Christmas!  Today’s post is written by my son-in-law, Mark.  Make sure you follow their Facebook page to earn an extra entry in our Rafflecopter giveaway.


Kindness is one of those “things” that is easy to step over. “If they drove better I wouldn’t cut them off,” “If he’d just start listening to me I’d make him a plate of nachos,” “When they REALLY apologize I’ll forgive them.” These are things I know we’ve all thought, well maybe not the part about the nacho’s, but you get my point! I love how fatherly this Paul’s words sound, just like a dad instructing his children on how to live in a way that not only brings increased joy to others but also increases ones own joy. As this, “Season of Giving” comes crawling to an end remember that we are instructed to be kind not on the basis of others actions, merit, or the joy it may bring to you or others, but rather kindness should be shown from a heart that is aware of the fact that it was first shown the greatest kindness thinkable.

Merry Christmas!

~Mark (, Mark & Lauren // Planting Tribal Churches)

Antiqued Silver Scissors Pendant Necklace Vintage Tulle Button Sewing Quilting

And today’s $12 special from the Etsy shop is our “I Run With Scissors” necklace.  Makes a great gift for anyone who sews or quilts.  Also comes in antiqued brass but you’ll have to contact me about those… I only have one but will be making more later.