Texas Tag Necklaces are on Etsy!

I finally got around to listing the Texas Tag Necklaces that I brought back from Antique Alley.  There are a few more that are on my shelf at Room With a Past.  If they don’t sell, I’ll be listing them later this week.  You can see these and a lot more in my Etsy shop.

A Special Road Trip Necklace

A few weeks ago Kasie, one of my Facebook fans, contacted me to see if I would create a special Road Trip Necklace for her.  She and her mom went on vacation together a couple of years ago.  They flew from Texas to Las Vegas, drove to Los Angeles to see Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, TV shows and other sights, then they drove back to Vegas and spent the rest of their vacation there.  Kasie told me this trip made her fall in love with California and Vegas.  They planned to do this again this year but her mom passed away unexpectedly in November.  She wanted a special piece of jewelry to commemorate this time with her mom.  Kasie – Thanks for asking me to make this!  I feel honored and hope you think about all the fun y’all had every time you wear this!


Road Trip Necklaces

I ran across some tiny license plates a few months back and thought they’d be perfect on a necklace.  So I started making Road Trip Necklaces and Road Trip Key Fobs.  Each one has a mini license plate, skeleton key, rhinestone button or bead, and a charm that has something to do with that state.  So far California & Texas have been very popular.  I’ve also made some for Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Missouri, Michigan, Arizona, Illinois — and I have more coming.  And I’ve made several custom necklaces, too.  I’ll share a very special one with you tomorrow.  Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos to get you started.

More Texas Bling

Glenn and I did go hiking today.  I took a couple of pictures but nothing great.  It’s been so dry here that nothing is growing or blooming.  Just a bunch of dead grass… and one blooming thistle.  Those are tough weeds!  It took me a while to get used to the switch in seasons when we moved to Northern California.  Here everything dies in the summer (no rain at all from about May to October/November) then starts growing when the rain starts in the fall.  Usually winters are nice & green!  But not this year.  But now to what you really wanted to see… more Texas necklaces!

I created these today for all you Texas-lovers… you know who you are.  Each necklace has a blank Texas tag with a different amount of patina on it, rhinestone button center, antiqued brass silhouette heart, and tiny light pink crystal.  One also has a skeleton key.  These are $26.00 each ($28.00 for the one with the key) + $2.50 s/h for 1-3 necklaces.  The lightest one in the front has already sold.  Just send an email to abcbooksbyann@comcast.net if you want one and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice.

And here’s my newest ad in Folk Magazine.  I have my sister to thank for this one.  She created my blog banner and gave suggestions to the graphics artist who created my ad for Folk.  I like this ad even better than the first!  I’m also in the next edition then I’ll decide if it’s been worth the cost to advertise like this.  Is anybody visiting here because they saw my ad?