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Generosity is something that I had been focusing on this last semester. I’m in college, so I don’t have very much to give to people in the area of money, so I’ve been trying to give my time, attention, and the items that I am blessed to have. I had a hard time moving away from home and being protective over things that I was in the mindset of being MINE. Call it the “youngest” syndrome, but my boyfriend, Jonathan, would call me out on it because I was being selfish in being really protective over things that I had. A lot of what I was protective over was really not worth getting upset over or feeling like it was a huge sacrifice to share. He’s helped me develop a mindset with him of “what’s mine is yours,” and it really does help in our relationship alone to have me be fine with him borrowing things and for us to be able to share a food budget and eat meals together which really helps us both save some money. I really enjoy eating with him as it gives us more of a family feel while we’re away for school. Although, it gets difficult living in different houses to go back and forth.

I’ve also been focusing on simplifying my life and getting rid of all the stuff that I don’t need or use. I want to make sure that I am being intentional with giving things to people who could actually use it. If no one I know can benefit from what I have, then I will take it to a non-profit thrift store (NOT Goodwill). I tend to hoard a lot of things because they’re nice, and I don’t just want to throw them out or donate them, so it also helps me be more okay with letting go of these things by giving them to people that I care about and seeing how much they appreciate and get out of them. I tend to collect a lot of purses, and they’re all perfectly good, but I have no reason to have so many purses that take up so much space that I don’t even get around to using.

Something I still struggle with is giving people rides because I can barely afford my own gas, and the driving around really takes a toll on that budget, but I know that I’m blessed to even have a car and the ability to drive to events and church and the store when others cannot. Jonathan has also showed me, through his own life, in how to live more like the young church in Acts. They would share their food and clothes and homes with each other, and its something that I’m looking forward to developing further in my life. He lives in a house with four other guys from our church and they have dedicated their house to our college ministry and opened it up to events and to anyone who needs to get away from their roommates.

I’ve been trying to be more intentional about my giving and my time and money. I want to make sure I am being generous out of my own heart and not giving out of guilt or because I feel like its expected of me. I want to make sure that I am giving where God wants me to, and giving in a way that does hurt my budget, and I feel sacrificial so that I am forced to trust in God to be okay later on and make my generosity be a practice of thanksgiving to God. It is true that giving really does enrich your own life, but don’t let that be your motivation for giving.

xoxo JT

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Turquoise Tuesday… Kind Of…

Vintage 1949 Dog Tag Bracelet Amazonite BeadsThis isn’t turquoise but it is blue.  These bracelets are made with faceted Amazonite beads.  It’s named after the Amazon river, I’m not sure why, because it’s not actually found there and every picture of the Amazon I’ve seen is brown, not blue.  Most Amazonite comes from Russia or Colorado.

These are some of my favorite beads.  I love the color and the texture.  I’ve made several dog tag bracelets with them.  And recently I’ve had several requests for 1950 tags.  I’ve sold them all and haven’t been able to find more.

So now I’m making the bracelets in the second photo.  They are made with reproduction tags so I can make several just like this.  And I may make a few with some other beads.  They’re available in my Etsy shop along with all the vintage dog tag and skeleton key jewelry I have.

1950 Dog Tag Bracelet Amazonite Beads

Texas Tag Necklaces are on Etsy!

I finally got around to listing the Texas Tag Necklaces that I brought back from Antique Alley.  There are a few more that are on my shelf at Room With a Past.  If they don’t sell, I’ll be listing them later this week.  You can see these and a lot more in my Etsy shop.

In Memory of Kaiden

I had the honor of making some memory jewelry this week.  Six-month-old Baby Kaiden  died a few weeks ago and his mother’s cousin asked me to make these.  Necklaces for the ladies and keychains for the guys.

I used a combination of wings, crosses, and rhinestone balls.  The brass pieces say “Kaiden” on one side and “Faith” on the other.


The Tutus are Back!

I’ve had several requests for more “Tutus for Your Wrist.”  Well… I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that I’ve started listing them in my Etsy shop.  The bad news is that I just bought the last of the vintage tulle fringe from my supplier.  She’s on the hunt for more but these may be the last.  Hopefully not the LAST last but just the last for a while.  I’ve found some other trim that will work but this has still been my favorite.  So if you want a tutu go visit my Etsy shop or go to the April opening of Room With a Past.

I’ve also been playing around with new jewelry ideas that involve angel wings, crosses, and metal stamps.  But that’s another post.  Until then, take a look at some of the “Tutus for Your Wrist.”