Turquoise Tuesday: Before, During, After… My Favorite Painted Jewelry Cabinet

Photo Feb 06, 5 28 21 PMWell, I’m having an interesting year/summer.  The latest… I’ve been chosen to be on a jury.  Just when I thought I was about to get caught up and maybe get a head start on fall/Christmas.  Maybe if I don’t sleep for the next six weeks and work on jewelry all night when I get home…?

I still have lots of turquoise paint and several more jewelry boxes that need painting.  So expect to see a few more of these.  I think this one’s been my favorite so far.  But I haven’t been disappointed with any of them that I’ve painted.

I’ll do my best to keep up with the blog.  I need to keep advertising my Etsy shop and Room With a Past.  Gotta make up for some of the income I’ll be losing from my day job.

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Mesa Sunset

mesasunsetI finally painted something a color other than turquoise.  I picked Cece Caldwell’s Mesa Sunset.  And of course, I was so excited to start painting that I didn’t take a before photo.  This is already one of my favorites.

I used the clear wax to seal it.  I like it but I think I either need more practice or to take a class.  I still haven’t gotten the hang of the aging wax.

This is going to Room With a Past for the April 18-21 sale.  (But I’ll be in Texas!)