Texas Tag Necklaces are on Etsy!

I finally got around to listing the Texas Tag Necklaces that I brought back from Antique Alley.  There are a few more that are on my shelf at Room With a Past.  If they don’t sell, I’ll be listing them later this week.  You can see these and a lot more in my Etsy shop.

It’s a Dog and Pony Show!

Yep, it’s a regular dog (tag) and pony (ribbon) show over in my Etsy shop!  I’ve been having a lot of fun the last few weeks making necklaces and bracelets from old dog tags.  Most have already sold but there are a few still available.  I don’t think I’ll be listing anymore for about a week.  Next week is the Room With a Past sale and I have to have something left to show there!

All the pieces are really vintage — tags, keys, and rhinestones (the chains and findings are new).  This is one of my favorites.  I love the flower shape.  It would be great for someone born in 1960!  …Just wait ’til you see the one I’m keeping!

I love these horse show ribbons, too.  They’re great for craft projects or just hanging around as decoration.  Use them as gift toppers for someone who loves horses!  I especially like the ones that say “Calamity Jane” on them.  Know anyone that would fit?

I’ve seen some fun ideas to use these in quilts and pillows.  I just can’t bring myself to cut any of them.  I also started a board on Pinterest for ideas of ways to display horse show ribbons.  If you’re not already, come follow me on Pinterest.

I don’t have any of these bracelets in my Etsy shop right now.  Some have already gone to Facebook fans who have requested specific dates.  And I really need to save the ones I have now for Room With a Past.  If you’re looking for a specific date — year of your birth, marriage, birth of a child, etc. — let me know and I’ll see if I have it.  I can do different colors of beads, too.

BTW, our kitchen is finished but Monday the floors go in so the house is still a wreck!  I’ll have photos when it’s all done.  I can’t wait!!!