Turquoise Tuesday – Two Shades of Turquoise

20130902-084306.jpgI finally got around to painting some of the jewelry boxes in my stash.  I need to get a few more done and in the shop before Jordy comes home from school.  I’ve been stacking them in her room and it’s getting a little full.  And of course, I forgot to take before photos again!  Just use your imagination… they were ugly brown wood with scratches.  But not anymore!

The cabinet on the top is CeCe Caldwell Dustin Gulf Green.  The bottom is a paint I got at Ace called Turquoise Bay.  I like them both.  I’m not a fan of waxing though.  So I usually just distress, then add a layer of Minwax water based Polycrylic, then sand.  I do love that you can just distress the paint with a wet cloth.  I like that much better than sanding.

I have lots of photos of the details below  Let me know what you think.  And I’d love to hear what color you like better.  I’m really tempted to mix them together and see what happens!

Photo Sep 01, 4 41 09 PM

Photo Sep 01, 4 42 03 PM

Photo Sep 01, 4 43 56 PM

Photo Sep 01, 4 44 06 PM

Photo Sep 01, 4 41 09 PM

Facebook Flash Sales

My favorite set.  For sale on my Facebook page tonight, $18.00.

My favorite set. For sale on my Facebook page tonight, $18.00.

I’m using a new app called Soldsie to sell on Facebook.  It’s working great so far!  It allows buyer to just comment “SOLD” on a photo to purchase.  Soldsie will automatically send a Paypal invoice — you don’t have to put your email address out there for everyone to see.

Today I got a shipment of new bracelets.  I was going to upload them next week but I have so many new items that I decided to start them tonight.  The sale is on for the next two days or until they’re sold out so go by my Facebook page and take a look if you’re interested.

Fall Preview: Scarves!

a day in the city | DTD

I most definitely was NOT by any means on or touching the grass or sculpture. Hehe… Oops, didn’t see that sign until after this happened. My bad. Although, I will say it is fun to walk up the arch of the bow. My beaux, Jonny, and I went to the lovely overcast city of San Francisco the other day, and, let me tell you, it was a brisk day. I opted to wear one of our new scarves (which I will be keeping one of). Armed with our Blue Bottle Coffee, we walked from the Ferry building, under the Bay Bridge (seen behind me), to the ATT Park (Giant’s Baseball Stadium), and back up through the Financial district to the shopping areas before getting on BART and heading home. There was a lot of walking, and this was my fourth time in one week walking around the city. My feet are quite unhappy with me now. But it was well worth it!

Today, I had Jonny and his family help me out with our stock photos. Most of the pictures have been added to the Look Book already, but here are the one’s for just the scarves that we will be selling in fall. (We don’t have very many as it was our first time to Market, but we know to get a lot more stock in the future!)

scarf chartreuse mesh | DTD

scarf coral mesh | DTD

scarf cream mesh | DTD

I absolutely love all three of the mesh scarves in chartreuse, coral, and cream! They are so unique and interesting. They are also extremely soft and add a nice level of texture to an otherwise dimensionless outfit.

scarf fleur de lies | DTD

This is our Fleur De Lies scarf. They are kind of hard to see in this image, but it’s a truly adorable scarf. I’m not a particular Saints football fan, but my mom is so she had to have these, but I just think it’s really pretty, and also very soft.

scarf floral black | DTD

scarf floral cream | DTD

scarf floral grey | DTD

scarf floral lavender | DTD

These four are all the same floral scarf with a vintage-style fringe. We have cream, black, grey, and lavender.

scarf zebra | DTD

Lastly, we have our Zebra scarves to bring to Antique Alley in September because the Grandview Mascot is a Zebra!

Don’t forget to keep updated with our Facebook page to see when they get put up for sale!!!

xoxo JT

Goodbye June, Hello July.

be a peach - ducttapeanddenim.comWow, the month of June has felt so long! I feel like we’ve done so much. Ann and her hubby went to Israel and Rome for ten days. They saw so many fantastic sites that most only see in history books or movies. Ann took a lot of pictures, but here’s just a few of the highlights:

israel trip - ducttapeanddenim.comThey started out in Tel Aviv and traveled up north before coming down to Jerusalem for a few days. They visited the Temple Mount among many other holy and culturally traditional sites. They “swam” in the Dead Sea and climbed up to the top of Masada.

ImageThey went to Rome and saw many gorgeous places of great art, architecture, and historical and religious meaning. They went to the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, the colosseum  and many more places.

Spanish Steps- ducttapeanddenim.comThey even visited the Spanish Steps which Audrey Hepburn walked down in “Roman Holiday”!

June - ducttapeanddenim.com

I finished up school and moved into a new apartment the last week of May, so I’ve been slowly working through unpacking, decorating, and a bunch of sewing and DIY projects! My place still isn’t quite finished, but I’m almost done with my dresser project, and just purchased a Singer sewing machine. When ever I finally get done I will be doing posts on my projects. I’m also starting to make some custom pillows and covers to sell in RWAP and on Etsy. I might also get to refurnishing vintage pieces of furniture for RWAP’s outdoor sale in September!

This is just a brief glance into our life this past month, but it’s nice to give an update! And I hope July is just a busy(in a nice way)!

xoxo JT

TRY! Share a Self Portrait

TRY!  Share a Self Portrait

I love taking pictures but I hate having my picture taken. But as you know, “TRY” is my one little word for 2013 and one of the things I’m trying this year is to work on my business. I’m taking an online business class right now and one of the things recommended was to share a photo of yourself on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, or whatever online social media you use. So here I am… showing off my new haircut, new glasses, and my favorite pair of vintage bead earrings.

I’m learning a lot so stay tuned for lots more changes on my blog and in my business!

And if you’d like to hear more from me you should follow me on Facebook. I’m there almost every day… still working on blogging more. Click on my photo to go to my Facebook page.