January Wishlist: Coffee!

January Wishlist: Coffee!

I am kind of obsessed with coffee. I love making coffee. I love going out to get coffee (although that gets expensive). But, most of all, I love drinking coffee. Currently, I have a Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder (it’s not actually that price) and a Bodum French Press. I also have one of the Anthropologie mugs (J).

I have to have coffee pretty much every day if I want to function properly, and I have really bad luck with programmed, electric coffee machines, so I asked for the french press when I left for college. As I get more into my coffee making and developing the flavors in the beans and trying to achieve a really smooth and rich coffee, I realize that I’m outgrowing my french press and will need to upgrade to a drip or pour over coffee system to really get what I’m looking for.

If you click through no other links on this, please please please click on number 6 and read the description. I found this Cow Mug on accident, and now I don’t feel complete without it, so it’s probably going to join the ranks of my many mugs here pretty soon, and reading their description of it just made me want it even more!

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for one of the Chemex or Hario pour over systems at thrift stores in the hopes of not having to pay full price for one, but I haven’t had luck just yet. I like the Hario Drip Pot because it uses reusable cloth filters instead of the paper filters that you toss out and have to repurchase; however, the Chemex comes in larger sizes and is more affordable. It really comes down to whether I’d like to make coffee for just myself or the possibility for a group.The Hario Scale and Timer will really come in handy for making consistently good coffee instead of guessing quantity and time every time I make a batch, and it comes out differently. Also, the Hario Ceramic Mill will be really great to grind the beans in a consistent way that will keep the oils in the beans by crushing instead of cutting them with metal blades. It also gives you the control to grind coarsely for a french press, and get smaller grounds for paper filters, and then smaller for espresso blends, and even finer for a Turkish style brew. The Hario Drip Kettle will give an even pour over the ground coffee and give control over how much comes out at once.

I live in Chico, CA, so we have an abundance of local and down to earth coffee shops to choose from that make AMAZING drinks, so I feel a bit spoiled, but my favorite chains that y’all might be able to find elsewhere are Dutch Bros. Coffee, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Happy Coffee Drinking:)

xoxo JT

A Win-Win-Win Situation – Dollar Shave Club Donating to Movember

Happy Movember!  

If you’re not familiar with that term take a look at this website.  It’s a month long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. The Movember Foundation runs the  event.  The men in our office are participating by growing moustaches this month.  Women can join in and be “Mo Sistas” by supporting the men in their lives.  I personally don’t like my hubby growing a moustache but I told him that this is the one month I don’t mind.  lol…  Here’s one way you can participate:

Dollar Shave Club

Photo from Dollar Shave Club.  Twin razors - $1/mo for cartridges

Photo from Dollar Shave Club. Twin razors – $1/mo for cartridges

A few months ago I was watching sports with my hubby when I saw a ridiculous commercial offering razors at $1 for a month’s supply.  I took a look at their website ‘cause I thought it was a joke.  But it wasn’t… Dollar Shave Club really offers razors starting at $1 a month!  The site is definitely aimed at men but I have always preferred men’s razors over women’s so I thought I’d give it a try ‘cause I HATE paying $15 for a package of cartridges at CVS!  One dollar a month gets you a twin blade razor.  The package includes a handle and 5 cartridges a month.  With S&H it comes to about $3.50. There’s also a plan with a 4-blade razor for $6/mo + S&H or a 6-blade for $9/mo including S&H.  It’s easy to switch between the plans.

I’ve been on the plan for three months now and am really happy with it.  The only problem is… they’re not pink.  But I can handle that.  I’ve been stealing my hubby’s razors for years!  Plus now I never have to run to the store because I forgot to buy razors. 

Here's what the Dollar Shave Club package looks like when it comes in the mail.  Simple & saves more money!

Here’s what the Dollar Shave Club package looks like when it comes in the mail. Simple & saves more money!

Here’s where it becomes a win-win-win situation.  You get all the pluses that I talk about above PLUS when you sign up you get a referral link.  So if you sign up for the plan from my link I get a $5 credit to my account (and you will also get $5 when you refer a friend).  So I get something from telling you about it.  But here’s the best plus of all… for the whole month of November they will donate another $5 to the Movember Foundation to help combat prostate and testicular cancer!  

So, sign up for Dollar Shave Club and :

  • Win #1:  you save money and time on razors
  • Win #2: I get a credit toward free razors
  • Win #3: the Movember Foundation gets $5 to help fight men’s cancers




A Spooky Sale at Room With a Past – Part 2

This post is just a collection of pictures I took before RWAP opened for the October sale.  I’ll be working Saturday 10-2 so come see me if you’re in the area!

My neighbor, Aileen, has a SPOOKY old doll in a vintage doll bed.

My neighbor, Aileen, has a SPOOKY old doll in a vintage doll bed.

This collection of old bottles would be a great Halloween display.

This collection of old bottles would be a great Halloween display.

In October you'll find doll body parts all over the place.

In October you’ll find doll body parts all over the place.

More body parts!

More body parts!

Not everything in the shop is spooky!  There are some beautiful furniture pieces, too.
Not everything in the shop is spooky! There are some beautiful furniture pieces, too.



00-peachesOne of my favorite things about summer is going to the farmer’s market.  Saturday the Music Man & I started off toward Sacramento.  He was going to ride his bike while I shopped but he shopped with me instead.  We were looking for inspiration for our displays as some upcoming shows.  We ended up in Elk Grove and were pleasantly surprised at all the cute shops we found.  Plus we found out that they have a First Saturday art & craft show every month.  We may try that.

On the way home we stopped at the Farmer’s Market in Rio Vista.  Not a huge selection but what they had was delicious and picked locally.  In fact, strawberries were being picked right across the road while we were there.  These peaches were the best I’ve had all summer!  Then on the way home we stopped by a friend’s house & she gave me some cucumbers from her garden.  MMMmmmmmmmmmm….. my dinner of cucumbers & tomatoes  with some of the lemon olive oil that I bought at the Concord farmer’s market was delicious!

Our First Market !

18394_10201780342733406_1757742848_nKeeping with my 2013 theme of TRYing new things, the Duct Tape and Denim staff went to our first market this weekend.  The San Francisco International Gift Fair.  Wow… it was overwhelming, amazing, fun, confusing, and more…  We weren’t allowed to take photos in the convention center but Jo did take a few of herself, us, & our lunch.

We went with several goals in mind: 1) look for items to sell that fit in with the look of our jewelry.  We were thinking scarves, Christmas ornaments, and maybe some other jewelry; 2) trends for fall; 3) display ideas; 4) to see if I’d someday like to have a booth and sell at a market like this.

Goal number 1 was very easily met.  We found LOTS to buy.  I’ll be better prepared for the next show now that I know what’s available there.

934664_10201780471416623_628140043_nGoal number 2?  I didn’t really see anything new.  Lots of the same jewelry styles & colors that I’ve been seeing all year.  Lots of booths had very similar things.  I still think that my jewelry is more unique than anything I saw there.  My favorite booths were in the vintage section.  Those were more my style.  But still not anything new.

Goal number 3 — we got lots of display ideas.  Now to just put them into practice at Antique Alley & Room With a Past.

Goal number 4 — I don’t know if I ever want to have a booth and be a seller.  I had too much fun buying!

I’ll share some photos tomorrow of some of the jewelry we found.