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You’d think it would be easy to pick one little word as your theme word for a year.  After all, it’s just one word.  It’s not like I’m writing a book.  But it’s been harder for me this year than the past two.  This is only my third year in doing this.  The first year was the easiest.  I had my word before I even decided that I would join in on the one little word class.

That was a rough year for us.  My mom had died, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with dementia, and several other things had happened that had caused me to start focusing on all the bad things going on instead of the positives.  And there were still a lot of good things going on, too!  JOY was my word that year.

As the next year approached I started searching for my next word.  After bouncing around a little I chose TRY.  I had started a business but was looking at it as more of a hobby even though it was growing.  There were so many things I wanted to do with it but was a little afraid to try them.  What if I failed?  So I spent 2013 trying things, both in my business and in other areas of life.  And I discovered a few things:

1.  Some new things I tried I didn’t like.  But I never would have known if I didn’t try.

2.  When I tried more, I failed more… but I also succeeded more!

3.  One year isn’t enough for me to try everything I want to.  So I’m keeping my last two “one little words” and adding a new one for 2014…


This was another one that I had a hard time choosing.  I really just wanted to keep the two little words I already had.  After all, I know them and am already comfortable with them.  But part of choosing a word is getting out of my comfort zone.

The deciding factor on this word was our associate pastors sermon the last week of December.  He preached on 2 Timothy 4:9-13, and spoke about how our New Year’s resolutions should be the same things we want tat the end of our lives, using Paul as an example.  The first thing he asked for was for Timothy to come see him and to bring Mark.

Fellowship was his point but this really resonated with me in several ways.  I’m usually a loner,.  I don’t mind doing things by myself and usually when it comes to work I prefer working alone.  But I’m finding that some things I can’t do alone and need to work with other people if I want to continue to TRY new things.  We’ve talked about this in our Tuesday girls coffee meetings, too.  How easy it is to just work all the time and not spend quality time with people.  So I’ve already been setting aside a time on Tuesday with friends — no matter how much work I have to do.

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This year I’m focusing on more of that time.  Time spent with the couples my hubby (the Music Man) and I are counseling, coffee with friends, Sunday lunches with other couples we work with, more family time, meeting my customers at shows, connecting with other artists, etc.  Ali Edwards has a whole class titled One Little Word that will help you create a notebook/scrapbook throughout the whole year.  I took her class the first year and it was a little more organized than I wanted to go into but I did get a lot of great ideas and ended up just making a JOY journal.  Maybe someday I’ll get it out and share it with y’all.  This year I found a more simple printable goal matrix by The Project Girl that she used to create goals based on her One Little Word.

Room With a Past | January 2014 Sale

California Roll Sushi Japanese Food | DuctTapeAndDenim.comThe January sale at Room With a Past starts Thursday night so Jordann and I went to set up our shelf yesterday.  We started off at a local Japanese restaurant for lunch with some friends.  Not my favorite but it was a fun experience.

The photos below are just some highlights from our shelf and around the shop.

Hope you enjoy them and if you are local come by and see the shop.  I’ll be working Saturday morning from 9:00 – 1:00.

Handmade Red Velvet Bracelet Display | DuctTapeAndDenim.com

I made a bracelet display from a piece of red velvet.

Painted Jewelry Box Handmade Bracelets | DuctTapeAndDenmim.com

This was Jordann’s favorite jewelry box. It’s great to display bracelets in and the I AM LOVED bracelet is my favorite this month.

Turquoise Painted Jewelry Box | DuctTapeAndDenim.com

This is my favorite jewelry box this month. Of course… my favorite color. And I love the hearts on the front.

LOVE Sign Handmade Jewelry | DuctTapeAndDenim.com

Love is the theme in the shop this month!

Vintage Lipstick Holder Handmade Earrings | DuctTapeAndDenim.com

I found this vintage lipstick holder last week. We’ve had a lot of these in the shop lately. Just right for holding my earrings.

Hand Painted Furniture | DuctTapeAndDenim.com

There’s always lots of creatively painted furniture in the shop. This is just one example.

12DOC – On the tenth day of Christmas…

12DOC | Twelve Days Of Christmas | ducttapeanddenim.com

Today my husband is the guest blogger.  Follow his Facebook page and you can get another entry in our Rafflecopter giveaway.

Mountain biking is one of my favorite forms of exercise. The kind of mountain biking I like is not for the faint of heart. Your heart will truly get the workout of its life. Steep climbs, death defying descents with a glorious end. To reach the end of the trails I ride which frequently end with glorious views you must go the way the path begins.  Oh, by the way, I can only ride the trails and paths that are designated for bikes. I am not allowed to ride where hikers or horses tread. I can only take the path that is marked for mountain bikers.

I remember one time a friend and I wanted to ride the easy path designated for hikers because of its scenery and ease. While riding along the trail a park ranger caught us and pulled us over and gave us a warning not to ride the trail again or we would be fined for doing so. We had no excuse, we knew what we were doing was against the park rules, we took a risk and our sin found us.

Our verse today reminds us that there is only one path to heaven. The wonderful thing is that Jesus climbed the path before us with the cross. He made the way to our Father in heaven with His blood which became the only thing that would satisfied God’s judgement against our sin. This is the truth…”the gospel of your salvation” (Eph. 1:13), and what is that truth? Pilate asked that same question when Jesus said, “I have come to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice” (John 18:37-38). What is that truth? John clarifies that later when he writes, “…that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have (eternal) life in His name” (John 20:31).

The way to God in heaven is easier for us because of what Christ has done. No mountains to climb, no carrying a cross to your death.  All one has to do is  “confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9).

This is the only way, the only truth, and the only life.

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my husband my hero necklace firefighter fireman police officer policeman military army marines

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12DOC | On the ninth day of Christmas…

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Today’s blogger is me!  and the subject is one of my favorite — JOY!

If you’ve followed my blog and Facebook pages for a while you know that I’ve been picking a “word of the year” the past few years.  Something that represents what I’m dealing with at the time or something I want to aim for.

My mom died a few years ago.  And at the same time my mother-in-law was diagnosed with dementia and we had to find a place for her.  Those two major events plus other family and work things we were dealing with caused me to pick JOY as my word of the year.  I wanted to focus on something positive instead of my problems.  I started a JOY journal and collected Scriptures, quotes, and photos.

The Scriptures I found were most encouraging to me.  I found how JOY is connected to our hope in Christ and not so much to the circumstances are in.  Focusing on JOY helped me get through a rough year.

This verse from John 15 is one of my favorites:  “These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full. ” John 15:11 ESV

As I write this (at the end of December) I still haven’t chosen a word for 2014.  If you already have one, please share it with me here or on my Facebook page.

silver plated cuff bracelet cameo pink red blue green

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12DOC | On the eighth day of Christmas…

12DOC | Twelve Days Of Christmas | ducttapeanddenim.com
What is compassion? According to miriam webster it’s “a feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble, etc”. According to me, it cannot stop at feeling. To stop there would be nothing short of a tragedy. Compassion goes beyond wanting to help someone, it involves acting on that feeling. Compassion is looking at someone that has less than you, feeling “compassion,” and then doing something about their situation. I know a lot of people who feel compassion, but few who actually do something about it. I’m not quite sure why this is; why people have gotten really good at feeling and have lost the will to act. Maybe it’s because we so strongly hold onto the things we acquire. Maybe it’s because we believe we can’t do anything about their situation. If we’re honest though, those are both excuses, and pretty lame ones at that. The harder we hold onto things, the faster they slip through our fingers, and the more we convince ourselves that we can’t do anything, the more we miss out on opportunities where we can show compassion.

– Jonathan Hale

vintage inspired filigree cameo cuff gunmetal blue green black

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