January Wishlist: Coffee!

January Wishlist: Coffee!

I am kind of obsessed with coffee. I love making coffee. I love going out to get coffee (although that gets expensive). But, most of all, I love drinking coffee. Currently, I have a Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder (it’s not actually that price) and a Bodum French Press. I also have one of the Anthropologie mugs (J).

I have to have coffee pretty much every day if I want to function properly, and I have really bad luck with programmed, electric coffee machines, so I asked for the french press when I left for college. As I get more into my coffee making and developing the flavors in the beans and trying to achieve a really smooth and rich coffee, I realize that I’m outgrowing my french press and will need to upgrade to a drip or pour over coffee system to really get what I’m looking for.

If you click through no other links on this, please please please click on number 6 and read the description. I found this Cow Mug on accident, and now I don’t feel complete without it, so it’s probably going to join the ranks of my many mugs here pretty soon, and reading their description of it just made me want it even more!

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for one of the Chemex or Hario pour over systems at thrift stores in the hopes of not having to pay full price for one, but I haven’t had luck just yet. I like the Hario Drip Pot because it uses reusable cloth filters instead of the paper filters that you toss out and have to repurchase; however, the Chemex comes in larger sizes and is more affordable. It really comes down to whether I’d like to make coffee for just myself or the possibility for a group.The Hario Scale and Timer will really come in handy for making consistently good coffee instead of guessing quantity and time every time I make a batch, and it comes out differently. Also, the Hario Ceramic Mill will be really great to grind the beans in a consistent way that will keep the oils in the beans by crushing instead of cutting them with metal blades. It also gives you the control to grind coarsely for a french press, and get smaller grounds for paper filters, and then smaller for espresso blends, and even finer for a Turkish style brew. The Hario Drip Kettle will give an even pour over the ground coffee and give control over how much comes out at once.

I live in Chico, CA, so we have an abundance of local and down to earth coffee shops to choose from that make AMAZING drinks, so I feel a bit spoiled, but my favorite chains that y’all might be able to find elsewhere are Dutch Bros. Coffee, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Happy Coffee Drinking:)

xoxo JT

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