Giveaway Winners & Stuck in Ontario

McGowan Falls - Stuck In Ontario |

As I write this post I’m sitting by a window in a guest house watching the snow fall and boys playing hockey on the lake outside. No, I’m not back home in California where I should be. Our flight was cancelled and the next available isn’t until Sunday! So today I’m thankful for the internet!!! All three of us are here getting work done on laptops, iPads, and even our phones!

But it’s not the worst place we could be. At least we knew the flight was cancelled before we left (Although I’m not sure that we could even get there. The roads between us and the airport are closed too. ) So we’re here with our kids and grandson! Quality family time!

Bridge in Durham - Stuck In Ontario |

So all that to say that any orders made this week will be delayed at least a few days more…

McGowan Falls Bridge |

We chose winners for our giveaway and the prizes will go out when we get back. Thanks to all of you who participated. We plan to do another in June or July but there will also be lots of changes to the blog before then so please sign up to receive our posts in your email or follow us on Bloglovin‘.

And the winners are…

1. $50 to our Etsy shop | Wendy Riggs
2. Sue Ellen’s Lilla Rose Page Clip | Katy Stacy
3. New Tribes Mission Calendar and DVD | Bridgett Arendt Lawson
4. Living God Hymns CD | Nikki Wigal


Along with the internet, we’re also thankful for warm clothes and snow boots:)

Snow Boots |

– Ann and Jordann

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