12DOC | On the eighth day of Christmas…

12DOC | Twelve Days Of Christmas | ducttapeanddenim.com
What is compassion? According to miriam webster it’s “a feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble, etc”. According to me, it cannot stop at feeling. To stop there would be nothing short of a tragedy. Compassion goes beyond wanting to help someone, it involves acting on that feeling. Compassion is looking at someone that has less than you, feeling “compassion,” and then doing something about their situation. I know a lot of people who feel compassion, but few who actually do something about it. I’m not quite sure why this is; why people have gotten really good at feeling and have lost the will to act. Maybe it’s because we so strongly hold onto the things we acquire. Maybe it’s because we believe we can’t do anything about their situation. If we’re honest though, those are both excuses, and pretty lame ones at that. The harder we hold onto things, the faster they slip through our fingers, and the more we convince ourselves that we can’t do anything, the more we miss out on opportunities where we can show compassion.

– Jonathan Hale

vintage inspired filigree cameo cuff gunmetal blue green black

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