12DOC | On the first day of Christmas…

12DOC | Twelve Days Of Christmas | ducttapeanddenim.com

Welcome to Day ONE in our Twelve Days of Christmas celebration!  Today is the day we gift gifts to our friends and family.  I hope you got lots of wonderful presents and have time to remember the amazing presents that God has given us, too.  Our pastor read this verse last night at our Christmas Eve service and I thought about how seldom I think of faith as a gift.  But it is… it is a gift given to us so that we won’t boast that our salvation is because of something we’ve done.  John Piper says, “The last bastion of pride is the belief that we are the originators of our faith.”

Enjoy your gifts today… especially the ones only God can give you!

Faith antiqued silver bracelet angel wing cross turquoise bead charms

Each day of our Twelve Day of Christmas celebration I’ll be sharing a $12 sale item from our Etsy shop.  Today’s item goes along with our FAITH theme – a Faith bracelet with tiny wing and cross charms.

The Twelve Days of Christmas is also including  a Rafflecopter giveaway.  We’ll be giving away a gift certificate, Lilla Rose flexi-clip or other hair accessory, a DVD, a CD, and a calendar.

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