I Love to Get Mail!

Photo Oct 01, 4 38 17 PMI love getting mail!  Sometimes I order things on Ebay or Etsy just so I’ll get packages.  Since I make jewelry I don’t usually buy jewelry.  But last month I saw this cement rose necklace from one of my favorite bloggers/Etsy shop owners, Robelyn of red.neck Chic.  I’ve never actually met Robelyn but I will someday!  I’ve visited her shop in the Hillsboro Antique Mall.  I almost met her at Antique Alley.  And I follow her blog and her Facebook page.  You really should read her blog.  I think it’s her use of duct tape that first attracted me to it.

Anyway, after ordering the unique cement rose necklace Robelyn emailed me and said she was sorry it was taking Cement Necklace Earrings Jewelrylonger than usual but she wanted to include something else in my package.  I thought maybe she’d include a pair of earrings or something like that.

Then today when I got home I found a huge box by my back door… from red.neck Chic!  This first photo is what I first saw when I opened it.  I took a picture before I even knew what it was ’cause it was wrapped up so perfectly.  This girl is an example of someone who knows her customer and her brand!  Everything goes together so well.

The second photo shows the necklace I ordered.  I love how it was displayed — more duct tape!  And she did include a pair of cement earrings, too.

red neck chic denim purseRobelyn sells a lot more in her Etsy shop and in Hillsboro.  She included some of her soaps in my box and the biggest package was….. a denim purse!!!

So here’s a BIG “Thank You” to Robelyn!!!  I love my box of duct tape and denim goodies!

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