Junque Drawer Necklaces

JD-Necklace-BullI’m still cleaning out my giant box of junk… proving that one person’s junk is another person’s treasure!  So far I really like how all the purse charms and necklaces are turning out.  You definitely have to have a certain style to like & wear them, though.  Most items have already sold but I still have a big stack.  I have to keep making these so I don’t end up on an episode of Hoarders!

549811_514011811973607_1688500657_nI like my jewelry to have meaning.  And I love hearing the stories of why people buy my jewelry.  For example, the necklace with the San Jacinto Monument coin is going to someone who can see it from her house!  The purse charm with a screwdriver went to a lady who works in a hardware store.

581774_514012315306890_420769922_nI made one for myself, combining the Junque Drawer and Road Trip necklaces, and am now getting requests for similar ones with different states.  The one below is the only necklaces still available for sale right now.  ($20.00 + 2.50 s/h)  But I’ll have more soon!


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