Last year I did something new. I had seen a lot of people posting on Facebook and their blogs that they had a “Word of the Year”. I learned about Ali Edwards and her “One Little Word” online class from one of the blogs. It’s like a journaling class – gives you prompts and ideas of things to do in your journal. So I signed up for it last year.

I chose the word “JOY”. It wasn’t hard to pick. I’d already been thinking about it for a while. Especially after seeing a FB app that one of my friends used that highlighted your statuses from the year before to give you a summary. It was filled with going to the hospital, rough day, pray for us, etc, etc. Not very encouraging. It was a rough year for us. My mother died and we found out that my mil has vascular dementia and she went downhill fast. But I never felt as depressed as all my FB statuses made me sound. So I decided to focus on JOY and make a JOY journal. I think I’ve posted a few pages through the year but didn’t really make it very public.

This year I picked the word “TRY”.

2012 was a year full of changes for us. Our first grandchild was born in November with some health problems, our youngest daughter graduated from high school and we moved her to school about 3 hours away last week. My mil is stable but has to live in a home so she can have someone with her all the time.

I was thinking during all this time about how different our lives are going to be this year and how many new things I’ve already tried. That’s when I knew my word for 2013 would be “TRY”. So from time to time I’ll be posting things that I’ve tried or want to try. Just today one of my Facebook friends posted this photo so I thought I’d share it.

If you have a word for 2013 I’d love to hear about it and how you picked it.

2 thoughts on “Try

  1. I’d like to see the blog/post you talked about — maybe it’s on your sidebar? I’ll look.

    Neat post.

    Lots has been going on, hasn’t it? I never thought your posts on FB seemed depressing in the slightest. Just lots going on. And, in some of those things SOOOO many blessings.

    A new year. “Try”. Good word.

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