30DoT: Day 27, Dirty Dishes

I took a few days off of blogging to work at Room With a Past, spend some time with family and friends, pay bills, shop for groceries, go out to eat with hubby, sing in choir, and watch Duck Dynasty and American Pickers with my daughter.  All things that I’m VERY thankful for!!!

Only a few days left before the big day!  Are you still being thankful?  Are you thankful for that big pile of dirty clothes laying on the floor, dishes in the sink, the ring around the bathtub?

Instead of complaining, let’s thank God that our families have so many clothes that we can choose what to wear each day and that we have washing machines and indoor plumbing instead of hauling dirty clothes down to the river.

Many years ago I heard a missionary who had lived in a jungle without running water for many years.  She said that one of the things that she was most thankful for when she got home was her bathtub.  And she thanked God every time she had to clean her tub.  I still try to remember that and thank God every time I scrub my tub that I have indoor running hot & cold water!  I think Scotty McCreery says it well…

One thought on “30DoT: Day 27, Dirty Dishes

  1. Sometimes, when washing my face with hands-full of water warm or cool, I think about how thankful I am for that. Or the running shower water. BUT I’ve not considered being thankful for washing out the tub. Change of attitude coming.

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