30 DoT: Day 16, Baby Leo

My 30DoT was tested quickly this year.  I’ve told you before that I start my Thanksgiving season on Canadian Thanksgiving.  Two days after that, my daughter went in for an ultrasound and finds more problems with the baby’s heart.  We pray… and I remember the verses I was just reading this morning:

“…ALWAYS giving thanks for ALL things…”  Eph 5:20

“… in EVERYTHING give thanks; for this is God’s will for you…”

All things?  That means Baby Leo’s heart problems, too?  I don’t understand… but I thank God anyway.  He understands.  So I sit down to list things I’m thankful for in this situation.

  • Lauren’s faith in God
  • Mark – her strong, supportive husband
  • God’s plan for Leo, even though we don’t know it
  • even though they’re far from us, they’re close to Mark’s family
  • one of the best children’s hospitals in the world is in Toronto
  • LOTS of our Christian brothers and sisters are praying
  • we are not alone, we have church family and God wherever we are

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