30DoT: Day 13, Thank God for my Hair

Sometimes during the 30 Days of Thanksgiving I have strange thoughts.  Like this morning when I was thinking about “giving thanks for all things” while I was brushing my hair.  Did that verse mean my hair, too?  It does say ALL THINGS… and I don’t think I’ve EVER thanked God for my hair.  So today I thanked God for my hair, for the lady who cuts my hair, for the wonderful way God created each person’s hair to be unique.  And then I asked God to forgive me because up until now the only thing I’ve ever done is complain about my hair.

Your assignment today: Find something you’ve NEVER thanked God for — large or small — and thank Him for it.

One thought on “30DoT: Day 13, Thank God for my Hair

  1. I am glad you are doing the “thankful” thing! I don’t usually thank God for my hair, but I should! It didn’t dawn on me to do that when last Sunday at church I commented on how well a lady’s hair was coming in after losing it to chemo….shame on me to not be thankful for my hair!!! Blessings to you and I am thankful for you!!!

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