It’s that time of year again!  I love decorating for holidays and October through December at Room With a Past is really fun to prepare for and just walk through the store looking at all the fun ideas that everyone has come up with.

There are lots of dolly body parts everywhere.  A little cute… a little spooky…

I don’t do witches for Halloween but I thought these dresses were a cute idea — Good Witch, Bad Witch.  A dress for “witch”-ever mood you’re in.

Take a look at the Room With a Past website for lots of gallery photos for this month, address, directions, and hours.  I’ll be working on Saturday from 10-2 so if you’re in the area come by & see me… I’ll be wearing my crow!

One last photo… I know I have some fans that love puppies so I took this last photo for all of you.  Isn’t that a cute doorstop?  I wonder what Maowie would do if I brought it home?

One more thing — the 30 Days of Thanksgiving is starting next week!  I’ll be posting here & on Facebook.  (If Facebook lets me.  I’ve been having problems with my page there so I may do more on my blog.)  I’d love for you to join us!  Click here for a little explanation if you haven’t joined us before.

One thought on “Boo!

  1. hi annthanks for the speedy reply yes hold the ohio and michigan bracelets for me until you have the texas one is there anyway it could look like the one shown with the angel wing i love your site. i would be sending a check or money order [which do you prefer] because i don’t do paypal thanks again ellen is this your email or do you have another

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