Taking a Trip?

Are you planning a trip to meet up with your college roommates? or would you like to commemorate a favorite family vacation? or maybe just let people know where you’re from.  That’s why some people have been ordering these bracelets.

I don’t remember seeing these while I was growing up but I also had one of my customers tell me that they reminded her of her father & grandfather who had these on their keychains.

I found some of these in a box of “junque” last year and started making Road Trip Necklaces.  There are still a few in my Etsy shop.  Then a few weeks ago I started making bracelets.  They’ve been really popular, too.

If you’d like one, leave a comment and let me know what state/year you’re looking for and what kind of charms or beads you’d like.  Most I can do for $18.00 + 2.50 s/h.  The $2.50 will cover several pieces of jewelry.  But there are a few states that are hard to find and more expensive — Tennessee, Wyoming, Idaho, are a few.  

2 thoughts on “Taking a Trip?

  1. Do you have a list of the additional charms that you have that can be added to the license plate tags? 😉 And how many do I choose?

    • I don’t have a list. But I have a lot — hearts, wings, beads, pearls, cowboy hat, boot, pickup truck, bear, fish, lots more… I usually put one charm, a bead with rhinestone, and another bead or simple charm. What state are you looking for?

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