New Jewelry for 2012

I’m back!  Did you miss me? I took some time off from Etsy & blogging to get ready for Christmas and then we flew down to Texas to visit family.  We got back Monday and I’m still catching up at home and at work.  The Etsy shop has reopened with measuring tape bracelets, ruler and faucet necklaces, and even a Bob War bracelet!  I’ve been planning new jewelry for 2012, too.  The first new item that I listed in the Etsy shop is a pair of guitar pick earrings.  Perfect for a country music fan!

Now for some items that I’ve been planning for a LONG time.  Almost since the beginning of selling jewelry people have asked me if I make jewelry out of duct tape and denim.  Makes sense, right? Since my shop name is Duct Tape And Denim.  But no… I never have.  Until this year!  Here are the first two duct tape and denim bracelets.

I’m showing these to a friend tonight.  Hopefully they’ll be listed on Etsy this weekend.  And there will be more coming… but each will be a one-of-a-kind creation!

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