30 Days of Thanksgiving Starts TOMORROW!!!

If you know me very well or followed my previous blog you’ll know that I love Thanksgiving and it really bothers me that people spend so much money and time decorating for Halloween & Christmas & completely skip over Thanksgiving.

When my girls were little I started collecting Thanksgiving stories & poems and we would read them every day for the few weeks before Thanksgiving. I continue adding to that collection and a few years ago put together a book of 30 days worth of poems, hymns, stories, and Scriptures about giving thanks. CurrClick now sells it on their website.  One year I had a YahooGroup list and sent something to my readers every day in November.

A couple of years ago I started something new. I had a blog on Blogger & had what I thought were a lot of followers — 72 followers at that time!  So I posted something every day that I was thankful for and encouraged others to do the same. I also posted on my facebook & twitter accounts. This year I hope the “30 Days of Thanksgiving” movement will expand even more.  I now have a business page on Facebook with 845 fans!!!  I’ll be posting long posts here and hopefully lots of short ones throughout the day on my business & personal FB pages.  And even Twitter when I remember!  Here on the blog I’ll share autumn photos, photos of what I’m thankful for, photos of my Thanksgiving journals, tutorials, and other autumn craft ideas.  I’m hoping a lot of people will join me and share what you’re thankful for, too!  I’ll try to update my blog buttons tonight so I can share them with you.  NEXT month we’ll celebrate Christmas!

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