What Other People Are Doing at RWAP for October

Since I’m having some problems with Facebook right now I decided to just post photos here on my blog instead. ย These are some of the other spaces at Room With a Past — ready for the October sale that’s starting tomorrow night.

Love this pink desk!!! And isn't that stenciled overnight bag great?

This is from some of our new consignors -- a mother/daughter team. Their space has been beautiful every month. Love the colors in their space this month.

This is right next to the big owl. Remember Radio Flyers?!?

This metal ribbon was pretty unique, too.

This reminded me of the ROUS. Anyone else remember those?

This was amazing -- a lamp made from a stack of books. With a rat sitting on top... just for Halloween!

4 thoughts on “What Other People Are Doing at RWAP for October

  1. Hello Ann – Love the pictures! But also wanted to let you know that I have made a necklace of old ruler bits inspired from your article in Green Craft magazine(I have an article in the same issue). An image of the necklace will be on my blog later on today if you are interested. Thanks for the idea, and for your lovely blog!


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