My Dirty Little Secret…

“fOuNd nO. oNe”
 Hoarders is one of my favorite TV shows.  Jordy & I love watching it together.  We have to watch it when Glenn’s not home.  He can’t even stand to be within hearing range while we’re watching it!  It is disgusting at times but somehow we got hooked on watching it.  
I think I must have a little “hoarder” in me, too.  I love collecting things and am always thinking about how I can reuse them.
“fOuNd nO. tHrEe”

I have challenged myself with this latest collection of jewelry.  I call it “fOuNd”.  I am trying to use up all the little things I’ve collected or had leftover from other projects.

“fOuNd nO. tWo”
 I have trouble deciding which is my favorite.  Usually I pick this one.  I love this old clock face and I love the  style of this key.

I was going to save this one for Halloween but thought someone might want it now so I listed it, too.

There are a couple of other things that I enjoy about watching Hoarders.  1) Spending time with my daughter and 2) it makes us both want to clean house!

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