Room With a Past — August 2011

 Tomorrow is opening night at Room With a Past!  It doesn’t seem like a month since this last sale.  They go by so fast!  I made some changes this month.  Actually, I make changes every month but this time the changes are a little bigger.  Tell me what you think…
First of all, I removed one of the shelves, giving me a taller space in the middle.  I’ve had trouble displaying some of my longer necklaces so hopefully this will help.  And no jewelry on the sides this month.  Remember my UFO?  There’s the finished object on the side of my shelf.
I also have a new neighbor behind me.  She sells jewelry, too.  Her’s is a little more steampunk than mine.  Other than that, there wasn’t much else set up to photograph when I was there.

Middle shelf:  My longer necklaces fit better here.  And I’m something else new — instead of putting all the earrings together I’m displaying them near a matching necklace or bracelet so you can see how they might go together.

 Right side of middle shelf:  There are the only (tiny) globes that Glenn didn’t get for his office.  I kind of combined the travel & back to school themes.

Top shelf:  I haven’t had many skeleton key necklaces the past few months.  They usually sell pretty quick for me.  But I found more this month and tried out some new styles.  This was one of my favorites.  I love this color of freshwater pearls!

 Bottom shelf:  Those vintage books for teachers that I love!  Lovely sketch of the Eiffel Tower drawn by the world famous Jordy!  Number playing cards, measuring tape, and something new this month — map shapes – hearts, circles, birds, and butterflies!

Bottom shelf:  There’s jewelry for every price range this month!  And more of the floral headbands.

 Middle shelf:  One of my girls’ favorites — cameos!  Plus Boy & Girl Scout books.

More of the top shelf:  Still some turquoise left.

Hope you can make it out to the “Room” this month.  I’ll be working Saturday 10-2 so come see me!  If you can’t make it I’ll be bringing some of the jewelry to work next week and listing a few pieces on Etsy as I have time.

But I don’t have too much time to do that.  I’ve already had several requests for the ruler & faucet jewelry that was featured in GreenCraft Magazine so I’ll be working on that soon, too!

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