Here’s What We Bought on Our Antiquing Adventures in Berkeley

 Actually, this is just a part of what I bought…

This little display stand is what I was most excited about.  Judging from the labels on it (patchouli, maddipal, citronella, sandal, musk, jasmine, etc) I’m assuming it was made for incense sticks.  But I think it’ll be great for displaying my bracelets!

Also bought a straw hat to decorate for when I work at RWAP.  After last week when I got sunburned at the parking lot sale I think I need a wider brim!

 The clear plastic bottles  in the photo above and these little goodies came from a Japanese dollar store.  I’ll show you later what we’re doing with the plastic bottles.  I needed jute to tie up my monster tomato plants (not yet on my neighbor’s side of the fence, but close) and I love the Japanese craft tapes!

 I also love the Japanese/French labeling.  I think these roses may go on the straw hat.

These old microfiche boxes came from the East Bay Reuse Depot.  I guess the library doesn’t need microfiche copies of the New York Times anymore.  It was filled with the individual boxes that I’ll be reusing to ship my jewelry orders from Etsy.

Lauren found another frog for me.

And lots of little bits for jewelry!  Great embossed wrapping paper from the Japanese store.  And a lovely old reindeer that wanted to come home with me.  We found it in the scary out building at the antique shop I mentioned yesterday.  I brought it up to the lady at the front.  At first she told me $1.00.  Then she said, “Oh, it’s got a broken leg.  You can have it for 50… oh, you can just have it.  I’ll catch you next time.”  A little superglue and he’ll be as good as new.
And it’s all on our new dining table!  I’ll have to take a picture of that for you, too.  It’s decorated right now for our Canada Day party.

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