Key Rings & Charms… And a Coupon!

 These were my new item in the shop this month.  I’ve bought several large lots of keys to make my skeleton key necklaces.  The lots always seem to have some of these flat keys in them so I was playing around with a way to use them.

These charms can be clipped onto your purse, key chain, zipper, necklace, etc.

 Everything is old & vintage except the clip iteself.

These with the TINY cameos were my very favorite!  Thanks to Bumbershoot Supplies for these!

This tiny floral cabochon also came from Bumbershoot.  Sorry for the blurry photos.  I forgot to take pictures of these before I took them to the Room so I had to use my iphone & the lighting wasn’t so great inside.

And, just for Jordy, I’m trying to add more color!
I have these and alot more to add to my Etsy shop but I’d like to clean out some of what I still have there.  I finally figured out how to create a coupon code so now I can offer 30% off to all my blogger friends when you use this coupon code at checkout:  BLOGGER30.  You can see what’s left in the shop here.

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