Ready for the Sale!

 I made these earrings last night and snuck them into the shop today.  I’ve had more comments on my measuring tape & button jewelry than anything else.  Mostly women who like to sew or quilt.  Glad someone else out there likes it.

 My daughters inspired me to make these… lovely guinea feather earrings. (Not from my sister’s guineas.  Although we’re trying to figure out how to sanitize their feathers so we can use them instead of buying them.)
My daughters like longer feathers.  I’ll have to post photos of the ones I made for them later.

 My neighbor has LOTS of bling this month.  Very glamorous!  I’m still working on a custom necklace for her.  Can’t wait to show you that!

I think this is one of the new consignors.  I love that wire globe.  I almost bought it to add to Glenn’s globe/map collection.

This made me think of my sister.  This is Mandi‘s space.  She’s selling the kits.  I didn’t look to see how much she is selling them for.  I’ll find out this weekend.  Mandi — if you’re reading this, wanna make a trade?  ðŸ™‚

 Thought I’d show you this space, too, so you could see a little of the variety in the shop this month.  I bet this little dresser goes quick!  Some little princess will get it.

 Personally, I’m drawn to vignettes with a lack of color.  (Jordy keeps trying to get me to add more color to everything…)  This is Lisa’s space again.  She’s one of my favorites EVERY month!  She even has a mannequin covered in pattern tissue like me.

 This is the other side of Lisa’s space.  See the coffee collage on the shelf that I showed you earlier?

And this is Lisa’s neighbor.  Another new consignor.  They’ve been there a couple of months but I can’t remember their names right now.  I need to work on names!

This is just a few of the spaces at Room With a Past this month.  I couldn’t get any further down the hall ’cause there were so many people setting up today!

It’s gonna be fun.  Come see me Saturday between 10 & 2.

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