My Sewing Box

 This post doesn’t really have anything to do with anything.  I was just sorting through my pictures and found these that I took of what I’m using as a sewing box.

 This was Margie’s.  She gave it to me before one of her moves.  I can’t remember now which time.  I was thinking maybe it was after George died and she moved into the house with GG.  Or maybe when she moved into the smaller apartment?

 It has some Asian themes on it and looks like it’s made out of ivory.  But surprise… it’s plastic!  Very thin & lightweight.

 Love the details.

And it even has a mirror inside.  You may not be able to tell since I have so much stuffed into it that there are plastic dividers that can be rearranged.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?  I’d kind of like to know where it came from.  Maybe I should go on Antique Road Show?

I may have other random posts as I continue organizing my photos.  🙂  But now I have to go shower & get ready to watch American Idol!!!

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