Introducing Other Two Room With A Past Consignors

 I know I told you that I was going to share some photos of the collages I made.  But I just realized that I put them in the shop without taking any!  I’m going to drop by today and take a few.  So I’ll share a couple of other RWAP spaces with you instead.

This is Jan’s space.  She’s another of my favorites.  I love how she stacks stuff in her space.  You can still see everything but she gets a LOT in there!  She has a lot of children’s books & furniture this month.  She’s used that bed spring in several different ways.  I love it!!!  Maybe because it’s rusty… I’m attracted to rusty stuff…lol.  I wonder what Glenn would do if I brought home a bedspring?

Actually, I have seen a project I wanted to try made with individual springs.  So those of you going to Antique Alley this weekend, look for them for me!!!

 And this is my neighbor, Aileen’s, space again.  She’s my favorite almost every month.  I think I’m attracted to her lack of color.  

This is the back of her space.  You can see how colorful the other side of the shop is.  The green wall is a new consignor.  I think we have two new sellers this month.

Don’t forget that Room With A Past opens Thursday night.  I’m working Saturday — our manager asked me to work 9-1 this week so I probably won’t be going for coffee before.  ðŸ˜¦

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