First Garden Update of the Year

 I’m not sure who else in the family has planted their tomatoes.  I probably won’t win the tomato contest this year… unless you count the SIZE of the tomato plants.  And unless my plants get as big as they did last year.  I didn’t plant Early Girls.  I’m trying some new varieties.  An heirloom, called Mortgage Lifter (hoping that one works!) and a smaller one called San Francisco Fog .  It’s been cool this week, they survived the freak rain/hail/sleet/snow storm we had but they don’t look any bigger than when I planted them a few weeks ago.

 The sweet alyssum, on the other hand, is growing all over the place.  It’s a weed in my garden & I end up pulling it out of the beds & pots.  But it is pretty.

 My jasmine is blooming & smells VERY sweet.

 I have several types of sedum/succulents… don’t even know what they’re all called.  The top right corner is one of my rosemary plants that I use all the time for cooking.  And you can even see a little of my chocolate mint coming back out.

 Here’s the corner with the jasmine.

 And we moved the clematis out of the corner so we could put the larger grill there.  And there’s the other upright rosemary plant so Glenn can grab some & throw on the grill whenever he cooks. 
Jordy & I went on a hike yesterday and took lots of photos.  I think she put hers on Facebook.  Below is one of my favorites from the ones I took. 

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