Tiny Talk Tuesday – Probably the Last One – Update on Margie

For all of you who have been asking about how Margie’s doing, I don’t really have anything funny to relay to you for Tiny Talk Tuesday.  We had a really rough few days with Margie last week.  She is a little better but hasn’t recovered and from what we’ve been told, probably won’t.  Vascular dementia is like stairsteps down.  Last week was a step down and now she’s leveled off again.

The morning after the earthquake in Japan Glenn called his mom to see if she had been watching the news.  She told him, “I’m glad you called.  I’m in this place where they give showers.  I don’t know where I am.  I don’t know why I’m here.”  So Glenn talked to her a while & told her he would call her right back.  He called the office at her home and they told him that she was there, they were about to give her a shower, and yes, she’s very confused today.  He called her back, then went to see her.  It was like it was the first day she had been there but she didn’t know how she got there.  She even told Glenn that she fell asleep in her bed and woke up here.  He had to walk her around the home and show her where the TV room was, the dining hall, & how to get back to her room.   She was the same Saturday morning but that afternoon when we went by to see her after Aunt Dorothy’s memorial service she seemed better.  She called us all by name, introduced us by the correct family relationships, asked how Jordy’s prom was and told her friends that Jordy had one year of school left.  Those are things she hasn’t been getting right for months!

I checked on her again after church Sunday.  She told me she couldn’t find her things & this wasn’t her room.  She didn’t think “they” brought everything when they moved her here.  And again yesterday when I dropped in she told me that the food here was really good but she liked the food at the other place, too.  Just a little warning if anyone talks to her on the phone and she tells you she’s in a new place…. she’s not really.  It just seems like a new place to her.

The good thing is that she thinks that everyone else there in the home moved with her.  She seems to remember them and feel comfortable with them.  She hasn’t forgotten any of us.

But I think I’ve come to the end of “Tiny Talk Tuesdays”.  Last Sunday Jordy didn’t go in with me because she was sick & had a fever.  When I got back out in the car I said, “I would tell you what we talked about… but I’m not sure.”  Conversations with her go around in circles and don’t really flow in any one direction.  For a while she would repeat herself every few minutes.  Now she’s forgetting what she’s talking about WHILE she’s talking.  Sometimes in the middle of a sentence she’ll stop & then start talking about something completely different.

I’m not sure how old this photo is.  I think it was taken in one of the restaurants that George worked in.  So maybe it was Grady’s around the time Glenn & I got married?

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