"I’m Famous, I’m Famous!"

 That was my Facebook status Thursday afternoon & I had lots of people asking me why I was famous.  Well, I’m in another magazine.  And, yes, I’ve been published before but this is the one I’m most excited about.

It’s been my favorite project & the editor told me it was one of her’s, too.  And I guess she was right.  She even put a line on the cover to my article!

These are available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, JoAnn’s, & I’ve seen them at Michael’s before in our area.

Another thing I was excited about was the photography… and the fact that the article is four pages long instead of one paragraph like my usual.  ðŸ™‚

Isn’t this photography amazing?!?

I haven’t received the bracelets back from the publisher yet but they’ll be going on Etsy or to Room With A Past.  I’ve already had one claimed.

And the magazine is even asking for ideas of what you would do to recycle old measuring tapes.  If you get the magazine the info is on page 79.  Maybe you can be published, too!

To celebrate I decided to put a couple of new measuring tape bracelets in my Etsy shop.  My daughter also has a few that she’s selling back in Texas if you’re interested & in that area.

Here’s a new style that I hadn’t made when I sent those in.  This is a stiffer tape with a snap.  Much quicker to make.

The magazine came at a good time.  I’ve had a tough 2 weeks at work.  This was a big encouragement to me.  I made a comment to one of my coworkers last week that all the ‘yuck’ going on at work was ok with me ’cause that’s not my career.  THIS is my career.  Or at least what I want my career to be.  So, I’ll just keep on creating & sending things in to be published.    Thanks GreenCraft Magazine… & all the Roomies who have been encouraging me to keep it up.

6 thoughts on “"I’m Famous, I’m Famous!"

  1. Hi Ann….I don't know how to reply or email you so I am leaving this answer to your question here…I have a Canon Powershot SD 600….and I love it still. It is small and slips in my pocket. It is probably not even sold now….sure there are much newer models….but I do love Canon! …congrats on your article!:)

  2. Hello! I was just looking through the last Green Craft, admiring your journals, and thought I'd come say hello! Congrats on your new article and artwork! I have been in Somerset Memories many times now, and it is so thrilling. I do have a project I am making for Green Craft, so that would be so exciting to be included in this fabulous publication! I look forward to reading your article very soon!!!

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