Christmas Party At Margie’s Place

 Saturday was the Christmas party at Pleasant Hill Manor, where Margie is living.  I wasn’t expecting too much, but WOW – we were amazed by all they did for the residents!  I took lots of photos especially so other family members & friends can see where Margie is living & who’s helping take care of her.  This is one of her favorite ladies.  She helps Margie shower, washes her clothes, & other general care.

Margie loves this little girl!  Her parents run the home & they bring her almost every day.  She rides her tricycle up & down the hall & goes into the rooms.  Glenn walked in one day & Margie was reading her a book.

This is the couple that runs the home.  They are really sweet & loving.

 This is the hall Margie lives on.  There were so many at the party they had tables set up.

 This is the dining room where she usually eats.  They had their singers & dancing going on & it was too loud in there for Margie on Saturday.  But it was a lot of fun.  Boy, can they sing!

 And cook!  The “boys” cooked all this.  Margie sometimes doesn’t like what they cook but they did a really good job for the party.

 I didn’t take a picture of the whole room but it hasn’t changed too much.  I was trying to take pictures of her decorations.  This is the little tree we found at a thrift store.  Not bad for $1.00, huh?  We tied on the tiny ornaments with ribbons.

 Trying to remember where I got the ornaments… I think the wreath came from JoAnn’s.  Maybe the ornaments, too.  The bow came from my box of stuff that I’ve had for YEARS.

 This is another of Margie’s favorite ladies.  As I was taking a picture she said, “I call her my Momma.  She’s just like a mom to me.”

 Hazel had every inch of this place decorated.  This scene was on the front table where we usually sign in & sign Margie out.

 There’s a dining room that visiting family can use. We used it last week when Margie’s roommate was asleep when we were visiting.

Here’s Margie & Glenn by the big tree in the entry way.  Hope you enjoyed your little “visit” of Pleasant Hill Manor!

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