Jewelry & Christmas Lights

I’ve had a few people asking about making jewelry for them for Christmas gifts  so I thought I’d share some photos of what I have made lately.  These will be for sale at Room With A Past on December 16-19.  If you’re local & want me to meet me somewhere I can deliver it to you before then.  Or if you see something you like but want it made a little different I still have some time to do custom orders.  But I won’t be listing anything else in my Etsy shop & probably will be closing it completely when the current listings expire.  The earrings above are $9 each.  This dog tag bracelet is already over at the shop.   

 These measuring tape bracelets have been very popular & I’ll have several varieties at RWAP.  Most are $9.00.

Example of a key necklace.  I think I still have this one… for $10.00.

 The “Faith” necklace – 3 small circles joined to one larger one with symbols representing Christ.

 An example of a skeleton key necklace.

Before my dad left we went to visit Mr. Christmas.  I walk by him on my loop but hadn’t been at night.  Beautiful!

 We even got a photo of the celebrity!

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