How to Make a Thanksgiving Journal

“30 Days of Thanksgiving” is going to start on October 27 this year.  Are you ready?  Do you have your Thanksgiving journal?  If you’re new you may be thinking, “What is a Thanksgiving journal?”  It’s just any blank book that you write in every day what you’re thankful for.  I’ve used spiral notebooks, composition notebooks, & last year I got really artistic with mine. (I’ll share photos later.)  The journals in the photo above are mini spiral & composition notebooks that I bought at back to school sales.  I think they were 4/$1.00!  Here’s what they looked like when I bought them:

I asked last year to see samples & received photos of some very original journals.  But they don’t have to be creative (for those of you who think you’re not creative).  I just covered them with text from an old book that was falling apart & stuck a copy of an old postcard on the front.  I bought a CD on Ebay of 100s of vintage holiday postcards!  But you could use any photo you like, or decorate it yourself.  The cover is not really what’s important — it’s what you write inside.  I have numbered pages 1-30 in my journal & plan on making a list of things I’m thankful for every day.  Mine is a little larger than these so I’ll have room for Scriptures & photos, too.  Mine is a Paperchase journal with a plain brown cover & black pages.  So this year I can write with my gold, silver, & white gel pens.

I’ll be sharing photos of my journal as I add things to it.  Meanwhile, if you’d like one of the mini journals ask me the next time you see me.  I plan on carrying some around with me in my purse – the ones I decorated & some plain ones, too, if you’d like to decorate your own.  Leave me a comment if you are going to participate in “30 Days of Thanksgiving” this year.

One thought on “How to Make a Thanksgiving Journal

  1. Ann, I enjoyed your journals. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and not because I was born on Thanksgiving….many years ago. I am a Christian, too, and Thanksgiving is our holiday where we help serve each year at the Senior Citizens Center…since we do not live near a lot of our family, can't think of a better way to do this holiday. Just had our craft show…maybe pop over to my blog and see. I did some journals there out of composition books, too….thanks, debbie PS…work part-time myself and create. Just let go of one of my job…wonder all the time about whether to work full-time or not. Still have a 13 year old at home.

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