The Fall Fairy Came!

I think it’s funny that I’ve run into people this week who have told me their actually waiting for me to post these photos!  Actually, when I look around I don’t think I decorated as much as usual.  Some of my decorations where old & I just threw them away when I took them down last year.  So here’s a little tour of our home, along with ideas & (when I can remember) where I bought the items — especially for Grace!  

This is the kitchen table.  I’m reusing the green tablecloth that I used on St. Patrick’s Day, all spring & summer, & I’ll use again for Christmas.  My favorite color & seems to be a basic that works with a lot of themes.  The flowers I bought at Safeway… can’t remember what they are.  They look fake, but they’re real.  The pumpkin candle was a gift for my birthday last year.  The dome I bought at a thrift store & painted.  I think the apple came from Dollar Tree.  I’ve had the salt & pepper shakers several years.  I bought them at either the dollar store or Walgreens.

The sofa table has my silver tray that I painted with chalkboard paint.  A candle from K-Mart, more flowers, and a pumpkin on a candle stand — I’ve had them a long time, too.  Think they came from a thrift store.

 Here’s the vignette on the old icebox — my old typewriter (thrift store), pumpkin candle (gift), jar of fruit & small candle (can’t remember where these came from).

 I think this is Jordy’s favorite area — the checkerboard table that Glenn’s grandfather made holds the candy corn dish (Walgreen’s), flowers (90% off at Beverly’s last year after Thanksgiving), pumpkin candle holder (can’t remember where I got that), and “Harvest” sign (I made that).

 I made this garland several years ago.  I found leaf outlines online & traced them onto felt, cut them out & put a string through them.  Simple, but one of my favorites.

 Our mantle:  real white pumpkins (Lucky’s), my dollar store hurricanes (I made them, but everything came from Dollar Tree), candle (?).  Notice there are loose leaves everywhere.  They’re good for filling in areas.  These were a centerpiece at our choir banquet a few years ago.  Natalie was going to throw them away but told me if I cleaned them up I could have them.  Yes, they do make a mess, but they’re pretty.

 Our mantle goes around a corner.  A little strange, but gives us more room for leaves & pumpkins.  I think I bought these pumpkins at Walgreen’s a few years ago.  Candle from T. J. Maxx.

 Here’s the view from the TV side of the living room.  I LOVE my red wall!  Thanks Glenn & Mark!!!  I found the white cones at a thrift store a few years ago.  They’re tied on with orange seam binding & filled with little bits of flowers, berries, & cones collected from many different places.

 And here’s the opposite side of the room.  Still need something on that wall.

 This is the full view of the fireplace.  Glenn’s grandfather also painted the picture hanging above.

 This little vignette is at the top of the stairs on my $5.00 thrift store table.  Letters from JoAnn’s.  Most of the other items are from thrift stores.

 Upstairs on my desk is a stack of books with a candle & another Scrabble art piece.

And to finish up our tour, this is my dressing table.  I just stuffed all the leftover leaves into jars to add some color.  (Yes, there were LOTS of leaves.)  The ring holder was a high school graduation gift (wish I could remember who it was from), and the glass tray was my grandmothers.  I use it to hold jewelry & all the other little things I take out of my pockets.

Hope you enjoyed my tour!  If the Fall Fairy has come to your house, let me know.  I’d love to see your photos  I need more ideas!

If you want to see more, here’s my post from last year… and the year before.

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