More Keys

OK, I think I’m addicted to skeleton keys!  I was looking through a Restoration Hardware Home catalog last night while waiting for choir rehearsal to start and one of the things that jumped out the most to me was this framed key:

 They had them hanging in a 2 x 3 grouping in a bedroom.  Looked great.  And they are “only” $199 each!   Here’s what I made a couple of months ago to sell at Room With a Past:

 Of course, mine are a lot smaller.  But I’m selling them for only $10!  Maybe I should raise my prices!

And here’s a link to Urban Outfitters that Jordy sent me.  At least their prices were reasonable!  I’m gonna try to bend one of my keys to see if I can make her a bracelet like this one.  Anyone have any suggestions?

BTW, I did take some photos of our fall decor but it was too dark & they didn’t turn out very well.  So I’ll take some Saturday — after I clean house.

One thought on “More Keys

  1. My mama loved keys…and had very large ones hanging in our living room when I was growing up.She also had regular sized ones framed. Dad collected them as well.I have quite a few from his stash…hanging from an old string.Must do something more with them now that I have seen your last two posts.

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