This Month’s Shop Preview

Since Room With A Past is open this weekend I’m taking a break from my Texas photos to show a few from the shop.  Sorry about the quality.  The lighting wasn’t that great & I took these on my phone.  I found a new bracelet display – it’s clear so my velvet bracelets show up better.

Still need a better way to display my long, skeleton key necklaces.  Most of them are just laying on the shelves.

But I did try displaying a few on the end of the shelf where I had my earrings last month.  What do you think?  Jordy says I need a “neck”.  I’ll be on the lookout for one this month.  ðŸ™‚  There’s Nancy’s spot behind me… she hadn’t set up yet.

I think the bottom was my favorite part this month.  Lots of color.  I love fall!

And here’s the shelf with the older, black velvet bracelet display and the shorter necklaces.  And there’s me in the mirror!

If you’re local, this month we’re also having the last parking lot sale of the year so it’ll be LOTS of fun.   And the vendors that had already decorated their areas look GREAT!!!  Even if you’re not planning to buy, come & get some autumn decorating ideas.  The shop is open Thursday evening 6pm – 9pm, Friday 9am – 4pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm,  and Sunday 10am – 4pm.  I’m working Saturday morning so come by & see me!

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