In Which Jordy Wins a Couch at a Birthday Party

Since so many people have asked me, “How do you win a couch at a party?”  I thought I’d write a blog post about it.  Really, it’s something only Jordy could do!  

She went to a friend’s birthday party Sunday.  One of the games they played was “Bigger & Better Scavenger Hunt.”  I don’t really recommend kids going from door to door, but Clayton is a pretty nice little town where everyone knows everyone.  Both teams started out with a penny.  At the first house, they traded their penny for a rubber band.  At the next house they traded the rubber band for some paper clips, then a larger clip, then a can of fruit.  The last house had this couch sitting out front.  Jordy got their team leader to ask if the couch was for sale or free.  The lady who opened the door said they were trying to sell it on Craigslist for $100 but no one had made an offer yet so it might be free soon.  So the girls asked if they could have it.  The lady went in to ask her husband.  He came back, looked them in the eye & pointed at them… “You can have it if you promise me you won’t bring it back and leave it in my yard later and I won’t see it sitting on the side of the street somewhere — promise!”  Sounds like he was just ready to get rid of it!  So, the girls carried the couch down the street, back to Jordy’s friends house, sat it in the backyard, and watched movies on a makeshift screen.

Jordy thought this would be nice to have since Mark & Lauren were coming (they came in last night btw!!!!!) but it was a little big for our house.  So Glenn didn’t even bring it in.  It stayed in my van and I became responsible for finding it a new home.  Everywhere I went it was, “Hi, how are you?  Do you want a couch?”  Finally I took it to the Teen Challenge Thrift store.  I like giving things to them because they run a Christ-centered program to help young people get off alcohol & drugs.  So, we got a tax deduction out of it and I met a young man who was addicted to heroin, is almost through the program, and now wants to go to school to become a pastor.  So we had a nice little conversation, too.  Everything turned out just like it was supposed to.  šŸ™‚

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