Granny Stripes

I was browsing my favorite blogs yesterday when I saw this post on Attic 24.  She wrote about crocheting a Granny ‘Stripe’ afghan instead of Granny ‘Squares’.  Mine is similar to the one she made.  Very easy.  It’s the one I do while I watch TV ’cause I don’t have to count.  I may finish it by next winter.  Jenn & Marion sent us some of Margie’s things when they were cleaning up her apartment.  This is one of the things they sent:
I don’t remember her crocheting many afghans.  She has told me she used to crochet all the time and would like to do it again.  We’ve tried, but she has trouble with it.  I think she made a washcloth while she was still with us.
One more photo… I showed you some of the skeleton key necklaces I listed in my Etsy shop.  Here’s the one I made for Jordy.  The beads are from some of my grandmother’s old necklaces.  I ended up with a box of broken necklaces that belonged to her.  Now they’re gonna be worn by the next generations, too!
BTW, you still have time to enter my Cottage Charm giveaway.  Leave a post on the original post and I’ll be drawing a name on May 29th.

5 thoughts on “Granny Stripes

  1. Love it! I've been working on an afghan too. Had hoped to have it finished by last Christmas! LOL! Maybe this Christmas! I used to crochet those things up in no time, but seems lately I've been having to spend too much time on the computer and have let the fun stuff slip by.

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