Show What You Create Blog Party!

It’s a blog party!  Andrea over at Vintage Bella Studio is hosting a blog party today where we can all show off what we make.   I show off a lot of what I make here.  I started off by scrapbooking many, many years ago.  But quickly found out I wasn’t very good at keeping things neat & straight like the examples I saw in the scrappin’ magazines.  So I started making things crooked on purpose.  I’d also get frustrated when I spilled my coffee or wiped my chocolate stained fingers on my pages.  So then I started staining things on purpose.  My sister now says my art looks dirty.  ๐Ÿ™‚  That’s okay.  I’m not making it to impress anyone else… just to have fun myself.   Then I discovered Somerset Studio & the other magazines that Stampington publishes & I found my niche — other people that like to make art out of junk!  Here’s an example – a Bingo card collage where I used scraps of string, fabric, & lace, a reprinted photo of my grandmother & one of her old earrings, all displayed on an old Bingo card.
My craftiness continued to evolve to include more dimensional projects such as my altered hair brush, this clothes hanger…
…an old baby shoe pin cushion…
…I even decorate old bottles!
And after I made the bottle with the old rhinestone necklace I thought I’d try out some jewelry.  So here are some of the necklaces I’ve made so far:
You can probably see a pattern developing… rhinestones, earrings, beads& other pieces of old jewelry,  & skeleton keys.
I keep many of the things I make, but I do live in a small townhouse so I give many as gifts.  That’s a little hard sometimes ’cause some people don’t like this style.  So I started listing them in my Etsy shop, too.
Can’t wait to see what everyone else is making!  Don’t forget to go visit Vintage Bella Studio.

19 thoughts on “Show What You Create Blog Party!

  1. Oh, all such beautiful creations! I giggled when I read about how you got into creating your vintage pieces…I can so relate! I can't be 'perfect' no matter how hard I try…dirty art, love it! So much more interesting! And the baby shoe is to die for!

  2. I love the "dirty" look on art – makes things like old and loved and like they have a story to tell.Ann – thanks so much for the great package! I just got back from staying with a friend and found my lovely package awaiting me. I cannot wait to get creating with it all – so many things I haven't yet worked with. I am very excited! Thanks again!

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