Our Weekend…

We had a busy weekend.  I realized today that I have had voice mails, text messages, and emails that I haven’t answered.  Usually I’m much faster than this — sorry to those of you who I haven’t answered.  Some of you were just asking how we’re doing or how the concert was so I’ll catch you up here.
Margie had her mammogram a couple of weeks ago.  Last week the dr office called Glenn & wanted her to come in for another ultrasound.  He took her in Friday morning.  They found a couple of cysts, took a biopsy, & we’ll hear about that next week. 
Then he took her home & he went to work.  He was working on some music upstairs in the “blender” – where they do their music & video work.  The door is really heavy & when he left he thought it was about to slam so he reached back to grab it & it slammed on his hand.  He was in a lot of pain & decided to stop by my office (just a few blocks down the street).  One of our nurse practitioners was still in so she looked at it.  She said it was probably broken but even if he went to the ER they’d just put a splint on it.  So he went to the drug store & put the splint on himself.
Meanwhile… I had a ticket to go to the Sugarland concert Friday night with a friend from work.  She had family problems & couldn’t go, so Glenn was going with me.  He doesn’t really like country music & I accused him  of breaking his finger so he wouldn’t have to go.
But he went & I think he enjoyed it.  The warm up acts weren’t that great, but the media show & music with Sugarland were great.  We sat on the lawn and were very comfortable.  It did get really cold.
The game box journals went into my Etsy shop today.  I won’t be selling supplies in my shop anymore so I have a lot listed for $1.00 each.   I have a few more finished things to list but don’t know when I’ll get that done.  Glenn is taking a week off.  Tuesday we may go to the beach.  Lauren & Mark are graduating on May 15 so I’m meeting Grandpa in Detroit & we’ll drive to Jackson to see that.  She said she found an antique store to take me to while we’re there.  Maybe I’ll find some more keys like these while I’m there.  I also need more old rhinestone buttons & brooches.  And maybe some old watches.  ๐Ÿ™‚  Anyone have any laying around they’d like to get rid of?

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