Repurposed Necklace on a Saturday

Do these beads look familiar to anyone?

Yesterday was the first day we haven’t seen Margie since she’s been here.  For those of you who don’t know, Glenn got a call from the social worker Tuesday.  She had told us she’d be looking for a place for Margie to live where she would have 24/7 care.  The problem has been money.  She asked for a favor from someone she knew and they agreed to reduce their cost for Margie plus wait for payment until the VA started paying her.  So they basically took her in with just what she’s receiving from Social Security — which isn’t much.  Probably 1/3 of their usual cost.  Then when she starts receiving VA benefits they’ll get that, too.  Meanwhile, we’ll be paying for her insurance, copays, and other personal expenses.  At least until Medical kicks in.  I think that will pay for insurance & copays.

She moved into a board-and-care home in downtown Pleasant Hill on Wednesday.  It’s right beside the theater.  If anyone would ever like to stop by I’m sure she’d appreciate a visit — although she won’t remember your name.  🙂  They take care of all meals, meds, washing clothes, & bathing.  Each morning & evening they make all the residents walk up & down the halls.  They play bingo every other day.  The employees & residents have all been very friendly.

We did love having Margie here.  It’s been kinda quite without her.  But we’ve been sleeping much better.  Since her fall Glenn had been getting up twice a night to help her to the bathroom.  And, like with a new baby, I don’t think he ever got into a deep sleep… always listening for his mom.

And we didn’t realize how much time we had been spending taking care of her.  Even after she moved in I’ve been going over after work & Glenn’s been visiting a lot.  So yesterday it seemed like we had a lot of extra time.  We cleaned the house, Glenn went mountain biking, Jordy did homework, and I got to work on some projects I’ve been putting off.

So… back to the beads.  These beads were in a box of jewelry parts that belonged to Great.  I’ve been holding on to them for years.  I thought they were beautiful & that someday I’d like to make something out of them.  What do ya think?  Think she’d like it?

I’m gonna pick up Margie for church this morning & bring her back here for lunch.  I hope the weather will be as beautiful today as it was yesterday!

2 thoughts on “Repurposed Necklace on a Saturday

  1. I am sure that there is relief, but also sadness in your decision. That is a hard one to make, and I have a feeling I will be making a similar decision too. How does Margie feel about the move?I hope that you had a wonderful day with her,JoyceP.S. I love, love, love the necklace!

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