Tiny Talk Tuesday

Ann: I’m gonna make fish tacos tonight.  Margie, do you like fish tacos?
Margie:  Yes!
Ann:  Have you ever had fish tacos?
Margie:  No, but I like fish and I like tacos so I guess I’d like a fish taco!

It’s gonna be short today ’cause I’m tired, American Idol is coming on tonight, and I started cleaning out the closet upstairs for Mark & Lauren & I can’t even walk across the floor in our bedroom right now, so I have to clean that up tonight, too.

The pin cushion in the photo is something I made a few weeks ago and just listed in my Etsy shop today.  I’m making a move in my shop to sell completed items instead of supplies.  Haven’t been selling much in the last few months so I thought I’d at least have fun making stuff.

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