A Lot Changed in a Week

I read this verse this morning and thought it was very appropriate for today. I’m having trouble finding time to blog lately. I’m touched that people have noticed. Thanks for asking about us. A LOT has changed in this last week. I think I last posted that Glenn flew to Texas to help his mother (Margie) get settled in a nursing home & close up her apartment. Well… after being there for 3 days they tell her that she doesn’t qualify. She can’t afford an assisted living & there’s no where else for her to go. So she moved in with us. I have to leave for work in just a few minutes but since people have been asking how they can help & pray for us.

1. Margie’s bp is really high. Even after the doctor doubled her meds. But the good part is that they told her this would make her dizzy & she hasn’t had any dizzy spells. (NOTE: Glenn just took her bp again and it’s still high so he grounded her for today and will be calling her doctor.)
2. This is going to sound really insignificant, but it’s something that she complains about a lot… she’s cold. Pray that we’ll find a comfortable temperature for her that we can all live in, too. We may need to go buy her sweats, fleece jackets, & lots of socks.
3. Pray for her safety. All our bedrooms are upstairs so her new home is in our living room. But our only shower is upstairs so when we give her a shower it’s a bit difficult. We also have child locks on the stove & are going to put them on some cabinets.
4. We’re still in the process of getting a twin bed for her. She’s on our futon right now which is a little low & we are going to need it back upstairs.
5. Since she’s been living with us I’ve noticed a lot more memory problems. I think we’re going to participate in Tiny Talk Tuesday tomorrow & share some of what we’ve been hearing this week. 🙂 There have been a lot of laughs this week, too. At least she’s good natured about it and laughs along with us. Although I’m not really sure she understands why we’re laughing.
6. For those of you who are meeting Margie, even if you have met her in the last week, you may just need to introduce yourself to her everytime you see her.
OK… I’m going to work. Margie just turned the heat on again. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Lot Changed in a Week

  1. How wonderful for her to be able to live in your home! I will be praying for all of you. My Mom was with us for about 2 months last summer after a very big surgery. She went home for awhile, but just came home with me again. Yesterday we decide that it is time for Hospice. She is here for the duration, and I feel so privileged to have her. It does not come without its challenges though. But, she is so loved! I could not have asked for a better mom.She also has been very cold. We have bought a lot of flannel pj's, and fleece pants, and LOTS of warm socks. I will be praying.

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