Snow and My Very Popular Fingerless Gloves

The relatives in Montana are probably going to get a good laugh out of this post. But this was really exciting for California. We had snow down to the 200 foot level in places. Usually it only snows on top of Mt. Diablo and we just have to look at it. But there was even a little flurry when I came home from work yesterday. The picture above is Jo’s school and the foothills behind it. I love this photo ’cause you can see the palm tree in front of the snow.
When I went through the snow/sleet/rain mix on the way home yesterday I called Jo to see if she wanted a ride but she was already home. She wanted to drive around so I picked her up & we drove to Clayton. The picture above is Mt. Diablo, but you can’t even see it for the low clouds. In fact, all these are just the foothills. It was too cloudy to see the top. Glenn has photos from earlier in the day on his Facebook if you want to see them.

Jo’s getting a pretty good aim. I heard she hit Stephen with a snowball at school & she would have hit me with this one if I hadn’t stepped out of the way.
And here’s a picture of my gloves. Every time I wear these I have someone else ask me to make them a pair. So, between that and the other things I’m making for Christmas (some of them were requested, too) I may not be blogging much. Yes, I’m having people ASK me to crochet things for them for Christmas… so there, Ebay! There are still a few items in my Crochet shop and lots of ornaments in my original shop.

5 thoughts on “Snow and My Very Popular Fingerless Gloves

  1. I remember when we got snow in Monterey, CA & another time in San Francisco … it was so fun watching EVERYONE out playing in the dab of snow … Please join me at our new blog, if you have not ~blushingrosetoo.blogspot.comDo not know how long the old one will hold up. TYSMTTFN ~ Marydon

  2. I think snow is pretty when it's somewhere else… yours is very pretty. And you gloves are cute… I wish I could just find someone to make me some gloves where the fingers can pop off and velcro to the back on three fingers. I have a pair and REALLY like them for choring. Very much enjoy your blog BTW.

  3. Some great photos. You "know" we consider it snow. Montana's another story. Our snow is nothing to them. Love the photo of the two of you. Y'all look great and happy. I love the gloves. AND the comment to Ebay. Way to go Ann! :Jenn

  4. Always a joy to see people enjoying snow–I live with a lot of it and I still love it! Have fun!Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the "30 Days of Thanksgiving"! Really made Thanksgiving extra special for me!Thanks so much Ann for hosting!Have a wonderful Christmas!With love from the Cabin, Claudia O.

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