Christmas Card Album

I always hate to throw away our Christmas cards. I’ve seen lots of projects that reuse old cards to make new ornaments or things like that. But we’ve been getting more and more photo cards each year and I really wanted to keep them to be able to go back and see how families have changed over the years. So I made this last year.

Really all it is is two covers cut from an old Scrabble board that I bought at a garage sale. I picked out my largest card and made the cover just a bit bigger. Then I decorated the front and drilled holes in it. (This year’s album will be much easier since I have a Crop-a-Dile now!) I believe the book rings are 7 Gypsies. Then I just punched holes & added cards.
This year it’s laying out on an end table in our living room so we can see how the kids have grown during this year.
BTW, I bought some cards last year after Christmas & I think they got repacked back into the ornament box & are back in the attic. I’m not going back in the attic ’til we put up the Christmas decorations. Now I have to think of something new to do for our cards…..

7 thoughts on “Christmas Card Album

  1. I love this idea so much, because I hate throwing away cards too! And you might want to try this for next year: When I bought Christmas cards on clearance last year, I wrote on the new calendar, on December 1st, where I put them, and lo and behold I was able to find the cards!

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