I Used To Like Ebay

OK, Ebay has offended me. Three times in the same commercial! And before I start, let me tell you that I was a seller on Ebay for 7 years. I was even a Power Seller which means I sold $1,000+ every month. But in the last few years the fees kept going up & my hours at work kept getting longer so I closed my Ebay store.
After just seeing this commercial on TV I feel like encouraging people NOT to buy anything on Ebay this holiday season. If you don’t want to watch the commercial, I’ll tell you a little about it. Starts out with this guy getting hand knit mittens from what you’re supposing is his sweet little grandma. He says, “Let’s talk about handmade gifts… nobody really likes them.” Wait a minute… I like them. I would have loved to get hand knit mittens from my grandmother. He then says something like, “What about a snowmobile or a grill?” Excuse me, this guy needs to read my 30 days of Thanksgiving blog. You don’t tell someone what they should give you. Especially someone who’s probably living on a fixed income. You should be grateful that she even thought about giving you something.
Then at the end, he smells the mittens and says, “…smells like church.” Hey, I like the way my church smells.
So, all you blog readers, don’t buy gifts from Ebay this year. Make them yourself or go to a site like Etsy where you can find high quality, unique, handmade gifts.
And if anyone wants to give me handmade mittens that smell like church, please do. I’ll wear them proudly and brag about the wonderful friend I have that spent so much time making a gift for me!!!

15 thoughts on “I Used To Like Ebay

  1. Greedy ,greedy, greedy…taktless commercial…it seems they are stearing towards getting rid of the small business seller over there…just commented on the new paypal rue over there…give me anything handmade or church anytime…Amen, sister…

  2. I Totally agree with you Ann!Unfortunately, I will be having to sell a lot on eBay in the very near future. I, too, am a power seller. My husband and I have watched them become greedier and greedier over the years–they care nothing for all the people who have made them rich beyond their wildest dreams. The commercial is not only a product of this god-hating culture we live in, but shows eBays true heart. We are in a business where we have to deal with them. Thank God for Etsy and for all the wonderful crafters out there!I love handmade best!!!!!!Blessings to You from the Cabin!Claudia O.

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