30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day Sixteen, Etsy Street Teams

Today I want to be thankful for and promote some of the Etsy street teams I’m on. These have been fun ways for me to meet other ladies that like to craft and share ideas. One event that I’m really proud of is finally happening this week. I’m a member of the Etsy Cottage Style Street Team. Occasionally the team does craft swaps. Last year one of the team members wanted to start a pass around altered book – a project where each of us would decorate one page in a book and then pass it to the next member. Sounded like a lot of fun, so I joined. The problem was — who would get to keep the book. So Jewel came up with the idea of selling the completed book on Ebay and donating the money to the National Children’s Cancer Society. This made the project even more inspiring to work on. We ended up making our pages and sending them in to her to be bound. She had enough to make TWO book and their on Ebay this week along with some other donated items with proceeds going to NCCS. Please come by this week and make a bid on one of the books or other items! Here are the auctions. You can also check out the Etsy shops of these great ladies here.
I’m also a member of the Etsy Supplies Street Team. Supplies for just about any craft you can imagine. Check them out here.
And, one more team — the Etsy Texas Street Team let me join even though I don’t live in Texas right now. This team actually gets together from time to time since most of them live so close. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to join them. 😦 Here are their listings. A little wider variety of things available in this team.
I’m thankful for these street teams & all the friends I’ve made through them!

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